Marketing with Football Spirit Items

Have you ever tried marketing using school spirit items?  There are numerous opportunities to not only help support your favorite local high school or middle school, but also to help market your business at the same time.  With the start of football season right on the brink, you can get mini footballs with your business name printed on the football for the cheerleaders to throw out at the game.  This gives you marketing exposure to a huge pool of potential clients.  Stadium seat cushions are another great way to get your name out.  It’s not a bad idea to have your name printed somewhere where your customers butt will be.   Other popular options as football games are pom poms, thundersticks, or other noisemakers.  Go ahead and show your school spirit and see how these items can help grow your business.  For a tracking method to see how your investment does, go ahead and print a special coupon code on the items for a call to action.

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