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Well, there have been some recent positive news with regard to an improving economy.  So, what are you doing about it?  Maybe your marketing budget was cut in order to save money during the flailing economy, so now are just sitting around waiting for customers to come to you?  Now is the time to be aggressive and grab your share of the ones that are actually ready to let go of some money.  You must contine to market your business.  There is no other form of advertising that is cheaper or more effective than using promotional products to market your business.  Recent studies have shown that using custom printed promotional items have the lowest cost per impression over television,  radio, newspaper, or sometimes even billboard ads.   This means that more people are exposed to promos giveaways with your business logo printed on them.  Most promotional giveaways are only cost a fraction of a penny for each marketing exposure. 


Now, I’m not saying to stop all other forms of advertising.  I am saying that you should think about diversifying your marketing strategies and use some less expensive mediums that may actually be more effective for your business.  The key is to choose the right giveaways for your target audience and your business.  You also have to choose the right price range.  If you choose something to cheap, the giveaways may not be used and will end up in the trash.  If you choose something to expensive, you will bust your budget and not reach many people.  Use a qualified promotional products expert to help you choose a product that is both useful and unique to help you bring maximum results from your advertising campaign.  This should be an investment that will bring in more money than you spend.  So don’t wait any longer and see the power of promotional products for yourself.

Photos and research statistics are courtesy of The Advertising Specialy Institute.

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