Marketing Your Business in 2010 with Promotional Products

Marketing in 2010 will be much different than in past years.  At the height of a recession with some small (really small) signs of economic turnaround, all buyers will be very cautious.  Buyers are looking for sales and coupons more than ever now.  Buyers are also looking for FREE gifts that are offered with their purchases.  Giving away free marketing gifts is a great way to drive in more sales, and I don’t mean giving away a cheap koozie or some other type of inexpensive giveaway.  You should giveaway items of value such as promotional tote bags, custom calendars with your personalized coupons for each month, or maybe even a nice promotional mug.  The possibilities are endless; however, you just want to make sure and giveaway something of value or something of perceived value.  The more useful the item, the more perceived value the particular item will have.  Promotional giveaways have been used successfully for years and there is no better time than right now to use them to increase sales for your business.

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