Top Promotional Products for Marketing in January


Well, Christmas will soon be here and gone and we will be into a new year.  It’s hard to believe that in a few short weeks it will be 2010.  I remember counting down the seconds to the new millennium like it was yesterday.   It’s time now to get a marketing plan for January.  Many businesses don’t think about marketing gifts for the various seasons, but only promotional gifts relating to their own business.  This type of thinking significantly limits you when there are thousands of great and useful promotional items out there.  Here are a few historical best sellers that are both useful and effective for promoting your business in January.

Promotional Ice Scrapers– A promotional ice scraper is one of the promos that will tend to hang around from winter to winter,  especially if you are located in the Northern parts of the U.S.  You can choose from mini ice scrapers, standard inexpensive ice scrapers, or the more premium ice scraper with a mitt to keep your hand warm.  Whatever your budget, there are many different price points and styles to choose from.  Ice scrapers are durable items that will last for years and keep on marketing for your company.  As I’ve stated before, buying useful items such as these will maximize your investment in promotional items and have them work for your by keeping your business name fresh in the minds of your customers.

Custom Calendars– Calendars with your personalized logo imprint are great promotional giveaways that will hang around for the entire year.  As a matter of fact, when you give out a good quality calendar from year to year, your clients will expect a new one every year.  If you happened to skip a year, it will cause a lot of disappointment.  This is exactly the type of behavior you want to create because if your customers expect your promotional calendar every year, that means they remember you all year long.  These are one of the best year long promotional products around.  Everyone needs a calendar and uses one almost daily.  My favorite are the Span-A-Year calendars that show the whole year on one large wall calendar.  With this type of calendar, I can quickly find any date during that year.  You can also choose from desk calendars, magnetic calendars, or traditional month at a time wall calendars.  It’s now time to get your 2010 calendars. 

Promotional Hand Sanitizer– With all of the colds and viruses going around in the winter, as well as H1N1 virus, promotional hand sanitizers with your personalized logo imprint make great winter give aways.  Show your clients that you care about their health while at the same time benefiting from these great marketing gifts.  Choose from standard small bottles of antibacterial hand sanitizer to larger bottles and specialty bottles with carabiners attached.  You can’t always wash your hands when you need too, but you can sanitizer your hands as long as you have these bottles available.

Personalized Lip Balm– Personalized chapstick is a perfect winter giveaway.  Lips tend to get more chapped in the cold months, so why not give away a marketing item to help combat that.  Your customers will certainly appreciate it.  Keep your clients with health lips so they can spread the good news about your company to everyone they meet.

Promotional Ice Scrapers Custom CalendarsPromotional Hand SanitizerPersonalized Lip Balm

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