Promotional Marketing Gifts

Well, we are into the 4th quarter of 2009 already and it’s time to ensure that your business has a strong finish to the year.  Promotional marketing gifts are not only great to generate new customers but also to help make lifelong customers of your current clients.  You have to make sure your customers know that you appreciate their business or their loyalty may fizzle out.  There are many different types of promotional marketing items you can giveaway to your clients.  With a virtually unlimited choice of personalized items, you can get creative and give a gift that is both useful and one that compliments your business.

Effective marketing gifts must meet the following criteria in order to be effective:
1. The items must be useful.  Ideally give something that can be used daily in order to keep the memory of your company fresh in their head.
2. The products must be of value or have a perceived high value.  You don’t have to spend a lot per gift; however, giving away a 30 cent magnet does not portray that you appreciate your clients or potential clients.
3. The item should be age appropriate to your target audience.  You don’t want to give out baby bibs if you target audience has an average age of 50.
4. The promotional marketing gifts should be personalized clearly with your corporate logo to remind the recipients of who gave the gift to them.

Make sure and make the last quarter of the year a strong one for your company.  Corporate gifts and marketing gifts if planned properly, will be an investment and not an expense.

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