Corporate Holiday Gifts

Yes, it’s only September, but that means that the Christmas holiday season is only a few months away.  So, think about your your corporate gift giveaways for this year.  Corporate gifts are great for customer retention as well as employee retention.  Any type of personalized gift helps the recipient to have warm feeling towards the giver.  The higher end the gift, the better it will be received and appreciated.  The idea is to get your customers coming back and spending money with you.  There is no better way to promote retention than making them feel appreciated.  Choose corporate gifts that are either relative to your industry or at least ones that are useful for your clients.  The more useful, the more they will use the item giving your corporate logo lots of exposure.  It may be necessary to order two different types of holiday gifts:  One for your top customers (more expensive gift) and the ones for the rest of your customers (less expensive).  Everyone has a budget, so splitting your gift-giving helps with your budget.

The same goes for employees.  Multiple surveys have shown that salary (although important) is NOT the most important factor in terms of employer loyalty.  It is the way the are treated.  Show them you care and they will work hard for you.

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