School Spirit Items

School has started, and so have school athletic programs.  Whether football or volleyball or any other athletic team, spirit items are a must for any school to help generate school spirit.  School spirit items also make great fundraisers.  Mini footballs, thunder sticks, stadium seat cushions, and many other personalized items can be sold to raise funds for your team.

Some schools buy their school spirit itemsand sell them to the fans as a  fundraiser.  Other schools get sponsors to pay for the products and then throw them out when a touchdown is scored or during other significant game events such as halftime.  Another option you can do in order to maximize the money you can earn is to have a sponsor pay for the spirit items and then sell them at the games.  By doing this, you make 100% profit on all sales.

Whichever way to decide, make sure you do decide to buy spirit items for your team.  It helps generate team spirit and makes the games more enjoyable.

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