What’s Your Calling Card?

What type of calling card do you leave behind when you meet with a potential client?  Is it just a business card or is it even better than that?  A business card can be very powerful if designed properly, but let’s go beyond that.  If you left a promotional item behind along with your business card, you can greatly increase the chances that the recipient will remember you.  Chances are, you are not the only one in your industry trying to sell to that person.  You need to stand out among your competition.  Using promotional products can make you stand out in a big way.  You don’t have to choose the typical promotional items anymore such as pens, mugs, or koozies, because there are over 1,000,000 different promotional products.  Creativity is key for this process.  For example, if you are a high energy marketing firm, you may want to leave behind a custom imprinted energy drink which can imply that you are definitely high energy.  Leave behind an item that is useful and relevant to your products or services.  Enlist the help of an experienced promotional products distributor to assist you and make recommendations.

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