The Power of the Simple Business Card


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You probably handout hundreds or thousands of business cards each year, but do you generate a lot of sales from your business card?  If not, you may want to reconsider the design and style of your business card.  You should be able to generate leads from your business card without ever speaking to the recipients.  Here are a few ideas for a revamped business card that can be a powerful sales tool.

  • The business cards with the raised blue or black ink are old and outdated.  The newer full color business cards that are vibrant in color have a much bigger impression on the recipients.  With full color business cards, you can get much more creative with your design and even include full color images of your most popular sellers.  However, you don’t want to have a design that is so busy that it takes away from the information on the cards.
  • Stay away from the flimsy business cards.  They can give the appearance your company is cheap and potential clients may associate that same cheap quality with your products or service.   10 pt and 12 pt cards are very thin and the thickness of most business cards.  I recommend 16 pt thickness (or even 14 pt).  The thicker business cards grab the attention of the recipient’s attention much more than the thin flimsy business cards.
  • Don’t just include your contact information on the business cards.  You want to captivate each person who receives your card so they will actually look at your card.  The longer they look at your card, the more likely they will remember you when they need your service.  Think about how many times someone hands you a card and you just barely glance at it and throw it in a pile of a hundred other business cards.    You should think about having an ad on the back of your card promoting a product or service.  For instance my business cards advertise 1000 16 pt (really thick) full color business cards printed on both sides for $69. Not only do you want to leave your business card with contact information with potential clients, but you should also leave behind an opportunity for the sale of a potential product or service.  Don’t miss out on an easy and inexpensive opportunity to use your business cards more effectively.  Using a promotional products distributor with an experienced graphic artist can help assist you in creating an effective and professional business card layout that can help generate more sales for you.
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