Do You Market Your Business to Your Employees?

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Many business get caught up in marketing only to customers or potential customers.  But what about marketing to your own employees?  Did you know your employees can be your single most valuable marketers for your company?  That’s right.  If you keep them happy, they will happily promote your business.  However, if they are not happy, they will have no problem speaking negatively about your business.  So what are some ways to make them happy besides a raise in salary, which is not always feasible?  Why not give them premium corporate gifts for their loyal service with your company name printed on the gifts.  The more employees that you have, the more important this becomes because they can be walking ads who encounter hundreds or thousands of people daily.  Everyone loves free stuff, so give promotional products generously to your employees (just make sure the promotional items are useful and worthy of the service your employees do for you). Don’t underestimate the power of your own employees as a means of advertising.

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