Marketing Your Business with Twitter

It seems all you hear in the news is Twitter this and Twitter that nowadays.  Are you marketing your business with Twitter?  The basic point of Twitter is to gather followers who have an interest in what you are offering and post your tweets.  In general, most links through tweets get about a 2% click-through rate.  So if you get 20,000 followers, that is 400 clicks on any given link that you post.  Think about the potential for that.  Anything you post could get 400 clicks within a couple of hours.  What if you had 40,000 followers or 60,000?  There are many people with hundreds of thousands of followers.  I just started my Twitter account and I already have around 800 followers.  Here is my link:  I post links about various topics including promotional products and corporate gifts.

If you are already a Twitter user, here is a FREE and easy way to gain hundreds of followers per day:  All you have to do is register your username and let your current followers do the rest.

Here are my current Twitter Stats:

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