Corporate Gifts – Are your customers worth $10…or $20…or $30?

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Do you have some large clients that bring in thousands of dollars a year for you?  If your answer is yes, you should ask yourself the question, “How much is the customer worth to me?”  Can you afford $10 or $20 or $30 or $100 to purchase a useful premium corporate gift for these top clients?  Premium corporate gifts show your clients that you do appreciate their business and is the best way to thank them.  After all, everyone loves free stuff, so take advantage of that notion.  There are many great premium gifts to choose from such as electronics, golf items, or office and desktop promotional items.  You should tailor your corporate gift purchases for your specific clients and thank them properly because these clients are stolen away from you by your competitors.  From experience, I know this can happen.  However, by developing a relationship with your clients and letting know you care and appreciate their business, you will help develop loyalty and that client will tell your competitors, “No thank you, I have a supplier.”  Don’t wait until it’s too late.  In this economy, we all need all the clients we can get, and most importantly, we need to keep the clients we have happy.

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