What Has Happended to Customer Service?

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Like any good businessman, I frequently check out my competitors to make sure I am staying a few steps ahead of them.  One thing I have noticed across the board is a general lack of quality customer service.  Of course, I did find a few exceptions, but for the most part the customer service reps I have spoken too have been either rude, ignorant, unhelpful, or just plain annoying.  Not only have I noticed this within the promotional products industry, but also within most retail stores over the past few years.  It seems that customer service has been on the decline with most businesses.  Great customer service can set your business far apart from your competitors.  Try focusing on this aspect of your business and see if your sales increase, but don’t overdo it and be one of those annoying customer service reps.  There’s nothing worse than a pushy salesman (or saleswoman) that follows you all around the store.  Or the ones that bug me the most are close talkers.  Don’t be a close talker and get in people’s personal space.

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