Promotional Products Recall for State Farm

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State Farm  has recalled over 800,000 promotional teddy bears due to a choking hazard for children.  Here is the article:  Guess where the promotional teddy bears were made?  If you guessed China, you are correct.  Many businesses want to save a few cents per item and opt for products that are produced in China, and by doing this, you can get burned.  Imagine the cost and repercussions associated with this scenario.

There are plenty of promotional products (including teddy bears) that are produced in the U.S.A.  They are likely to bit a bit more expensive than an overseas produced product; however, at least you can be assured that you are supporting U.S. families and businesses.  I bet State Farm has spent much more now on this promotion than they would have from buying from a reputable U.S. source.  In addition, most factories DO follow guidelines from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission which help the products to be safer for the end-users.  Also, prior to any large order, you should obtain a sample and thoroughly check it out for safety, especially if it is for kids.

With a little smart planning, you can help prevent occurences such as this one with State Farm.  Use you own judgement, and solicit the advice of a professional promotional products distributor.

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