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Whether or not you sell products or services from your website, you DO need to have a website and market it.  The key to marketing your business is with visibility.  That is why websites are so great.  I am writing this post because I have run across a few prominent businesses in my local are that do not have a website.  I hae also run across a few that have websites but do not promote them.  With the busy society that we are in, websites are the single most useful tool for clients and potential clients to get information about our company.  We have as much as possible on our websites to answer these questions so our clients can get answers at any time during the day or night.

Once your website is up to speed, you need to market your website.  You should include your website on ALL correspondence.  This includes letterhead, business cards, email signatures, signatures if you post to forums, and promotional products.  Inexpensive promotional items such as personalized pens and magnets are great ways to mass distribute your website to people for a minimal cost.  The idea is to create awareness of your business so that potential clients will think of your company when they need your services as opposed to visiting your competitors.  If your business cards or letterhead doesn’t have your website printed on it, shame on you.  Have them reprinted right away and begin marketing your website which will bring you much more exposure and help you land more sales.  Promotional products marketing is one of the least expensive AND most effective forms of advertising proven by multiple studies.  To be the cheapest and the best is gold.  Why not take advantage of this form of marketing right away?

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