State of the Promotional Products Industry

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So, have you ever wondered if you should buy promotional products for your business?  Have you ever wondered if you are one of the few business that doesn’t use promotional products marketing strategies?  Well, you would be in the minority.  The benefits of using personalized products has been proven year after year to be an effective form of advertising.  In fact, just look at the total sales for the industry over the last few years:

Industry Sales Volume In Billions

Promotional Products Marketing

Photosource: PPAI

The numbers for 2008 should be available before too long. Businesses spent 19.44 billion dollars on promotional items in 2007, and since 1991, the numbers just keep increasing.  Do you think businesses would continue to increase their spending on this form of marketing if it didn’t work?  Not a chance.  The bottom line is that marketing with promotional products works.  Don’t leave out this important form of advertising. Get on board and increase your sales starting today!

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