Common Myths About Promotional Products Marketing

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There are many myths regarding the use of promotional products, the effectiveness of promotional products, and who from whom to buy promotional products. In this article, you will learn the truth about promotional products so that you can discard the many common myths about promotional products marketing.

Myth # 1: All promotional products distributors are created equal. This statement is definitely false. The majority of promotional product distributors are simply “order takers.” The simple truth is that they. . . (See the full article).

Myth # 2: Small businesses can not afford promotional products. This statement can’t be further from the truth. The purchase of promotional items is an investment and NOT an expense. However, your promotional products marketing campaign must be. . . (See the full article).

Myth # 3: You can’t track the results of a promotional products marketing campaign. This statement is also false. Keep in mind there is a difference between promotional products giveaways and promotions. Giveaways are intended to be. . . (See the full article).

Myth # 4: During tough financial times, promotional products marketing should be cut before other forms of marketing. This is a classic misunderstanding and a big marketing mistake. Research has proven that promotional products . . .  (See the full article).

Myth #5: Cheaper is better. This is usually false when talking about promotional products. Cheaper is typically not better simply because when a recipient receives a “cheap” promotional item, they usually discard it almost immediately. However, in contrast, when they receive something of value and something useful, they will . . .  (See the full article).

In summary, promotional products can be a very beneficial marketing method if used properly. It is paramount that you speak with a promotional products marketing consultant who is knowledgeable and helpful. These professionals can help send your marketing campaign over the top and help increase your sales and grow your business. Remember that promotional products should be an investment and not an expense.

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