The Greenest Promotional Item of Them All

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Maybe, just maybe, the greenest promotional item of them all is an item is not made of 100% recycled material, but yet an item that has the power to save hundreds or thousands of trees.  The promotional items that I am referring to are custom USB flash drives.  It is estimated that a 1GB USB flash drive can hold enough documents that would be equivalent to 50 trees.  Each time that memory is reused, the number of trees saved multiplies.  You can purchase the USB drives pre-loaded with your custom data and save thousands of dollars in printing and binding costs.  Gone are the days of giving out a 100 page printed and bound policy and procedure manual.  Here are some great ideas for corporate use of custom USB drives:

  1. Give out USB Flash Drives to your employees with all required company policy and procedure manuals and any necessary forms your employees may need such as incident report forms, accident report forms, change of address forms,and any other forms that may be needed in the future.
  2. Give out USB Flash Drives to your clients with your digital version of your product catalog.
  3. Give out USB Flash Drives to your clients with your PowerPoint presentation to help pitch a product or service.
  4. Give out USB Flash Drives to your clients with a link to your website that automatically opens when the USB flash drive is inserted into their USB drive.
  5. Give out USB Flash Drives to your clients or employees with a program that will auto-run when the drive is connected to their computer.
  6. Give out USB Flash Drives with any other custom data pre-loaded on the drives such as music, pictures, programs, or documents.

Your custom data can be pre-loaded on the USB Flash Drives at a minimal cost.  The prices on custom flash drives are much lower than they were just a few years ago.  Why spend thousands of dollars printing a catalog when you can Go Green and hand out your catalog on a USB drive.  Because a USB flash drive has a high perceived value and is useful, your catalog will be kept by the recipients long after your competitors catalogs will be thrown away.

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