Are you getting a return on your investment?

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As I have mentioned before, buying promotional items should be an investment, NOT an expense.  This form of marketing can be very effective if done properly.  There are many factors to consider when making your promotional item purchase to help increase the return on your investment.  You MUST work with a Promotional Products Consultant that knows the ins and outs of the industry (using a consultant won’t cost you any more money either).  There are so many variables to consider, and only a true professional knows those key factors that will help your promotion be more successful.  So many distributors in this industry just want to take your order and money without any concern for the end result.

Here are a just a few of the important key questions to ask yourself?

1) Who is your target audience?  The elderly, teens, mothers, fathers, college-aged, etc.  Buying an appropriate item for the targeted audience is crucial to the success of your campaign.  A true promotional products consultant can help with some ideas of the vast array of promotional items available.

2) What is the delivery medium?  Do you plan on mailing these promotional items?  Do you plan on throwing them into a crowd?  Do you plan on personally handing them out?  You need to know the answer to this question and buy the appropriate item.

3) What do you want to accomplish?  Do you want to increase brand awareness?  Do you want to market a specific product?  Do you want to draw the customer to a particular event or sale?  Each question leads to an answer that has a different solution in order to make your campaign more successful.

Although these questions, sound simple, they are more often than not overlooked.  There are dozens of other questions to consider as well.  Each individual campaign is unique and should be treated that way.  A promotional products consultant is prepared to help provide answers for you to make your promotional items campaign as successful as possible.

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