Make some noise at the Stadium with Thunder Sticks

So, what are thunder sticks (or sometimes spelled Thunderstix depending on the brand)?  Thundersticks are inflatable sticks that you bang together to make noise at the stadium.  Thunder stick are one of the most popular football spirit items.  These are great spirit items for football games and basketball games.  Thundersticks can be either reusable or one time use (disposable).  The one time use thunder sticks are about the same price for often even more expensive and make the same amount of noise and are difficult to inflate because you have to use a strawto inflate them.  I prefer the resusable type which have a valve for easy inflation similar to a beach ball or a pool raft.  This type of valve makes inflating the thunder sticks a cinch and a pair of thundersticks will typically last through a whole football season giving you maximum advertising exposure by printing your business name and logo on them.  In addition, the imprint area on thundersticks is huge – a whopping 15″ W x 3 3/8″ H on each thunder stick.  The thundersticks come in many different colors and are very inexpensive.  FREE setup and FREE art prep is included.
Thunder Stick

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