Embroidered Hats for $6.00 or less – What a deal!

A high quality embroidered hat for $6.00 or less is an unbelievable deal.  You might be thinking that there must be a high quantity that you have to order to get this deal, but that is NOT the case.  There are 7 hats to choose from and a minimum order of only 48 embroidered caps to get the $6.00 deal.  So, you might think, there must be a setup charge.  NOPE!  That price includes up to 10,000 stitches embroidered on the front of the caps in up to 7 different colors.  There is no setup fee, art fee, or digitizing fee.  Just a flat $6.00 per hat plus shipping (which is cheap).  Check out the different styles of embroidered caps offered at this unbelieveable deal.
Embroidered Caps Embroidered Hats Embroidered Visor

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