Personalized Mesh Backpacks to Promote School Safety

With all of the school shooting that have happened, many school have set rules regarding student backpacks, such as mandating see through mesh backpacks.  Why not personalized these mesh backpacks with the school name and sell them for a fundraiser?  This is exactly what many PTO organizations are doing.  Not only are these mesh backpacks safer since you can see the contents inside the backpack, but they are stylish.  Choose from a promotional mesh drawstring bag or a sturdier mesh drawstring bag.  If you want a heavier duty mesh backpack for high schoolers, choose the Heavy Duty Personalized Mesh Backpack.  Also, these mesh backpacks are great bags for the beach, pool, or sports events.  Promotional bags are excellent to use as corporate gifts
Promotional Mesh Drawstring Bag Drawstring Mesh Backpack Personalized Mesh Backpack

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