Promoting Going Green with Promotional Rubber Frogs

Are you wanting to start a “Go Green” campaign.  Going green not only helps our Earth, but also can help our budgets.  One of the most notable green characters is a frog.  They are known for being green; therefore, Promotional Rubber Frogsare great for promoting a Green campaign.  For example, hotels can promote going green by persuading their customers to not request that their sheets be washed.  Leave a green rubber frog out in each room with your logo imprinted on the frog along with some literature about how being green can help save millions of gallons of water and prevent thousands of pounds of detergents from being put in the water as well as the electricity saved by not washing and drying so many loads of sheets and towels.  The potential is unlimited from campaigns to save electricity to saving water to recycling.  Imprinted rubber frogs are a clever, cute, and unique way to help promote your going green campaign.  There are several different rubber frogs to choose from including a football player rubber frog for the upcoming football season to a Santa Claus Rubber Frog for the Christmas season to a surfing rubber frog for beach themes.  Frogs know green and so should we. 
Promotional rubber frogs are the perfect promotional product to promote a Going Green campaign. Football Rubber Frog Santa Claus Rubber Frog for Christmas season Surfer Rubber Frog

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