Sizzln’ Summer Requires Drinking Plenty of Water

Your body is made up of around 60-75% water depending on your content of body fat.  Water is required for all cells and organs to function properly.  What better Promotional Product to maintain a healthy water level than  custom Sport Bottles.  Imprinted water bottles are great for sports teams or souvenir bottles for restaurants, stores, or theme parks.  Water bottles range from around a dollar to well over ten dollars each.  Economy squeeze bottles such as the 32 oz. Oasis Water Bottle or the 16 oz. Oasis Jr. Water Bottleare available for the budget conscious.  For those wanting Polycarbonate Bottles with the budget for them, try the 28 oz. Polycarbonate Alternative Bottle.  It offers all the benefits of the polycarbonate bottles at a fraction of the cost.  For those with the budget, Polycarbonate Bottles are king of water bottles with the durability, appealing designs, and the properties of being odorless and tasteless.  One of the popular polycarbonate bottles is the 13.5 oz. Small Oval Polycarbonate Bottle.  No matter what type of water bottles or sports bottles you choose, stay cool and drink plenty of liquid to stay hydrated (and not by liquid I don’t mean soft drinks and alcoholic beverages-they will actual dehydrate you).
32 oz. Oasis Water Bottle 16 oz. Oasis Jr. Water Bottle Polycarbonate Alternative Bottle Polycarbonate Bottles

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