Promotional Products Industry Tops $19 Billion in 2007

Businesses in 2007 spent a new record $19.6 billion on Promotional Products.  The represents an increase of 5.4 percent from 2006.  Promotional products and advertising specialties are the most effective form of advertising available.  Rarely, can you go anywhere and not see a promotional product, whether at home, at a business, at your office, day care, or even in your car.  I’ll put it into prospective for you.  Advertisers in 2007 spent 83% more on custom promotional products than on radio advertising and 73% more on promotional products than on internet display, and almost five time more on promotional products than on outdoor advertising.  The 19.6 billion spent on promotional products is up 5.4% from 2006.  The numbers speak for themselves.  Are you missing out on this critical form of advertising for your business?

If you haven’t purchased promotional products as a form of marketing your business, don’t get left behind by your competitors.  By the looks of the numbers, your competitors are buying them and promotional products are proven to increase custom satisfaction and spur repeat business.

Promotional Products

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