Plastic Mini Footballs

Football Fever Starts Early

The anticipation of football season is rapidly surging in the brains of millions of football fans.  Although football season is still a couple of months away, it is never to early to get your Football spirit items for the stadium to support your favorite team. 

Mini Footballs are always fan favorites to throw around the stadium.  Choose from the Plastic Mini Football or Vinyl Mini Football.  The plastic mini footballs are the most common due to it’s price point.  These footballs are made of blow-molded plastic to retain their shape.  The football is a soft, pliable plastic towards the middle of the fooball and more rigid toward the ends.  The vinyl mini footballs  are also very popular and are typically only $0.10-$0.20 more the plastic footballs.  The vinyl footballs have an athletic valve so the shape is maintained by air and they are made of soft vinyl.  These do come already inflated and ready for throwing at the stadium.

Thundersticks are also growing in popularity as the dominant noisemaker in the stadium.  These are also known as Thunder Sticks, Thunderstix, bam bams or bambams, fan sticks, or fan-ta-sticks.  All thundersticks are not created equal though.  My favorite thunderstick is the type that has an athletic valve so that it can be deflated and re-inflated and resused game after game.  Others such as bam bams, and thunderstix have to be inflated using a straw and they are one-time use items.  These types of thunder sticks will only stay inflated for a couple of days after initial inflation.

Promotional Products are an excellent means of advertising and marketing while at the same time giving the fans spirit items to root on their favorite sports team.  Show your team spirit by stocking up on Spirit Items today.
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