Promotional Sunscreen – What a Great Idea!

With the UV index topping the charts in the extreme range here in Florida, Promotional Sunscreen is the perfect promotional product to use as a giveaway for your business.  Sunblock is a vital part of life in Florida for beach bums and very important for tourists alike.  Promotional size sunscreens are convenient and a cheap way to promote your business.  They are great for resorts, tanning salons, golf courses, theme parks, or any other beach business.  There are several types of promo sunscreens to consider.  One of my favorites is a facestick sunblock which is like a giant tube of lip balm which is sunscreen that easily applies to your face.  This keeps your hands from getting overly greasy.   This type of sun block offers a fast way to apply sunscreen to the face and is more likely to be used.  Another type of promotional sunblock is lip balm with sunscreen in it.  This is a type of sunscreen that is too often forgotten, but lips will burn.  I know from past experience.  Make sure and choose a sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or 30.  A really cool and different idea is lip balm on a leash, which offers a neoprene case for the lip balm with a clip on it so that the lip balm can be clipped on a beach bag.  Maybe you want to get something different.  Try the outdoor promotional sunscreen kit which includes a water-tight case along with some sunscreen and common over the counter meds.  No matter what promotional sunscreen that you choose, know that you are helping to prevent excess agony to your customers, if they choose to time just a few minutes to apply the sunblock.  I am a huge advocate of sunblock.  Happy tanning and see you at the beach!
Facestick Sunblock Lip Balm Sunscreen Lip balm on a Leash Sunscreen Kit

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