Can a Hat Prevent Skin Cancer?

Well, a hat doesn’t necessarily help to prevent skin cancer, but the shade for your face that the cap provides can certainly help.  People don’t always take the time to apply sunscreen to their face, so a hat is often times the only protection used.  Hats are worn by millions of people around the world and serve as walking billboards to advertise your business name and logo.  Hats come in many different styles and sizes, but the key is to get a hat that your clients will wear.   Embroidered hats are typically more appealing to the eye than screen printed hats.  In addition, embroidery on a cap is much more cost effective when your logo has multiple colors.  Also, embroidery will usually outlast the hat; whereas, screen prining can wear off and crack over time.  Any time embroidery is involved, stitch count is an issue.  Cost can vary depending on how many stitches are needed to sew your logo.  Also, digitizing fees can occur the first time your logo is prepared to embroider.  Below, there are a couple of hats with FREE Digitizing and up to 10,000 stitches for $6.00 per hat or less.  These hats are excellent quality and very stylish.  Talking specifically about a baseball cap, there are two main styles:  a Structured Hat and an Unstructured Hat.

The Structured Cap is typically going to have a higher crown.  This hat, the crown is rigid and stands up on it’s own because it has reinforcement between the fabric.

The Unstructured Cap does not have a reinforced crown and the hat conforms more to the head.  This style hat is more popular with the younger generations.

So, not only can you provide a promotional item for your clients that they will keep and wear to repeatedly advertise your business, but you can also help them avoid excess sun exposure to their face, possibly saving them some trouble for the future.  Maybe they will thank you later.

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