Promotional Chip Clips

Save Your Holiday Dignity

It’s time for holiday baking and cooking again! I start early and cook a lot. We all like a lot of good food during the holidays and my kitchen gets a workout! I started looking around to see if I have enough chip clips for all the open bags of chips that will find their way into my cabinet, enough measuring cups (somehow mine always get commandeered for other things and never replaced), and jar openers. These are important to me because every year I’m bound and determined that I’m not going to ask my husband to open the stubborn jars when I’m preparing Christmas meals……it’s just personal. So I end up in the kitchen muttering at the jars under my breath and smacking, tapping, and grunting at the jars. It would be so much easier for my 5 foot 3 inch, buck o’ five weighing self if someone would just get me some jar openers and be done with it. I would never again have to hear, “Do you need some help with that?”

Promotional chip clips have a variety of styles and uses….(pretty sure I used one once to keep my daughter’s hair out of her oatmeal when she was little). Custom measuring cups are long lasting products that everyone needs in their kitchen no matter how much or how little they cook. And promotional jar openers will have women everywhere thanking your business for saving their dignity. It is time to invest in your business for the new year. Advertising done now will increase business in the new year!
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