Custom Christmas Ornaments

Start a Revolution!

Custom Christmas OrnamentsEvery year churches, schools, teams and businesses do fundraisers to try and make it through another year of activities. I personally have more fundraiser wrapping paper and cookie dough than I can possibly use in a year. And don’t get me started on those chocolate bars that I buy that are $2 but add 10 lbs. to my hips with every bite. I’m thinking it’s time for a Christmas revolution! Why not sell something easy to get and personalized for your church, business, or school? Personalized Christmas ornaments come in so many different varieties it gets you in the holiday spirit just looking at them. People can always use ornaments but we do not need any more cookie dough or wrapping paper!
Custom Christmas ornaments can also be great corporate gifts. This is a great way to thank your employees for their service during the year without breaking the bank. Giving a personalized Christmas ornament would also be a great gift with purchase that would keep your business’ name on the top of consumer’s Christmas shopping list. Everybody loves a freebie. Please help end the wrapping paper, chocolate bar, cookie dough insanity….start a revolution!
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