Make Some Noise with Thundersticks

Thunder Sticks


I recently attended a football game at one of our local area schools and although there were moments that the crowd was excited, it was very short lived. Overall, the crowd was subdued and very quiet. Then looking around, I noticed that there were very few spirit items. I did see a few megaphones filled with popcorn that were sold at the concession stand, but nothing else. The other thing I noticed was how hard the metal bleachers were and yet the booster club was not selling stadium seat cushions.

Without school spirit items, the crowd is less likely to scream and yell for extended periods of time. It’s almost as if the fans come out of their shell when hiding behind pom poms or thundersticks. Stadium noisemakers is what that school needed to really get the crowd involved. Thundersticks are some of the most popular noise makers of modern-day football. Additionally, they are great for fundraising because there is a huge imprint area to advertise sponsors who have donated money to buy the thundersticks. Then, the items can be sold for $2-$3 per pair. After the sticks are inflated, you simply bang them together to produce a loud noise. When you get a stadium filled with hundreds of thundersticks, it can get very loud. Stadium horns are also a popular noisemaker for the stadium and are also another great spirit item for fundraising.

Football Shaped Stadium Seat Cushions

The biggest fundraiser of all for spirit items, though, is the stadium seat cushion. You can print up 16-20 different sponsor names and logos on one side of the stadium seat cushions and the school mascot and name on the other side, after charging each business a set amount of money for the sponsorship. Overall, the budget should work out so the school pays nothing for the seat cushions, but then turns around and sells the cushions for $5-$10 each making 100% profit. I can promise you that after sitting on those cold, hard, and sometimes wet bleachers for one game, $10 for a stadium seat cushions sounds like a bargain.

Be sure your school is equipped with plenty of options for school spirit items for not only fundraising, but also to keep the crowd happy and comfortable.

Top 5 Classic Spirit Items for Football Season


Spirit items are a vital part of all football games. Never will you go to a football game and NOT see any school spirit items around the stadium. These fun inexpensive products help keep the crowd cheering, yelling, screaming, and supporting their team. You will see typically “shy” people who are yelling and screaming when they are hiding behind a pom pom or behind a pair of thunder sticks. It’s like they are hiding behind the spirit items, which helps the shy fans come ALIVE!

Over the years, there have definitely been quite a few new spirit items introduced; however, there are several classic items that will likely never die. Below is a list of those classic spirit items.

Top 5 Spirit Items for Football Season

  1. Mini Footballs – There is no denying that fans love to catch mini footballs thrown by the cheerleaders. Or do they just like interacting with the cheerleaders?
  2. Pom Poms – The crowd loves to shake their pom poms and cheer for their team with each great play and score! It’s cool to see a big stadium full of cheering pom poms.
  3. Stadium Seat Cushions – Fans love to keep their back-end off of cold bleachers. I’m not sure what it says when they want to put their butt on their team mascot, but it must be all about comfort.
  4. Thunder Sticks – There is no noise like the deafening boom of thundersticks when being used by hundreds or thousands of fans. These are a relatively new spirit items, but have quickly become a fan favorite.
  5. Foam Fingers – Waving an oversized foam finger when cheering is a great spirit items and they are fun. Foam fingers come in a many different sizes, shapes, and colors.

Now there are many more spirit items that have been around for years, but these are the five most common items that are used at football games. And my guess is that you will continue to see these spirit items for years to come.

Mini Footballs For High School Football Teams


Plastic Mini Footballs

Mini Footballs

In less than a month, high school and middle school football season will begin. Already, there are many teams in pre-season practice, gearing up for their first game. The excitement of the potential of each team is building already. Smack talk is certainly happening between friends and between players from opposing teams. It’s also time for school booster clubs to start planning their spirit items to help raise money for the team. All of the typical stadium noisemakers such as thundersticks and stadium horns are always great choices. And what would a football game be without rooter pom poms for the crowd to cheer along with the cheerleaders. There are plenty of other spirit items and stadium items too, such as stadium cushions and mini footballs.

Booster club members are already hitting the streets and making phone calls lining up businesses to sponsor their team. I’ve already sponsored a few local teams in response to visits from team members. I believe that sponsoring our young athletes is a great way to give back to the community and help keep our youth in positive team settings.

If you are a business owner, please seriously consider sponsoring your local teams. Your sponsorships help to buy school spirit items such as mini footballs, stadium seat cushions, thunder sticks, and many other items that the booster club can sell to raise funds for their team. These spirit items also help to keep the fans cheering loudly for the players, which help get the team excited

Syracuse Still Number 1 in College Basketball



Syracuse is holding their #1 spot for the 5th week in a row with Kentucky right on their heels. But the question is, “Can they hold on to the top spot?” Well, according to their schedule they should easily be able to win their games over the next few weeks since their schedule is so weak. Kentucky, on the other hand, has a bit tougher schedule coming up, so if Kentucky wins their next few games too, will it be enough merit topping Syracuse in the polls? We shall see soon.

I’ve seen plenty of fans from the games on television banging thundersticks and waving pom poms. It reminds me of my college days when I use to attend all of the home basketball games at Mississippi State University. Fun times. There were spirit items galore, mostly being sold as fundraisers for the team.

So, if you get to attend college basketball games, count your blessing and enjoy the games. And be sure to proudly wave your spirit items and promote your favorite team. College basketball season goes by quickly.

March Madness is Just Around the Corner


The long anticipated time for College basketball fans is just a short 2 months away – March Madness. 64 total teams are chosen to participate. Will your favorite team make the cut? Which teams will get top seeds? Who will make it to the Sweet 16? Who will advance to the Final 4? Who  will be the National Champions? Will Syracuse be able to keep their #1 ranking? Or will Kentucky bounce back from their one loss at Indiana? These are all the hot topic questions being asked now. Who knows how it will all turn out, but I know it’s a lot of fun following College Basketball. There are lots of surprises, upsets, and let downs.

Along with all the excitement with College Basketball, the excitement with high school basketball is also high. The high energy from basketball fans is great for the players, so it’s important to keep the fans excited and engaged. Basketball spirit items are a huge part of keeping the fans loud and rowdy. Below are two spirit items that have withstood the test of time and are more popular than ever with basketball fans.

Mini Basketballs

Mini Basketballs

Mini basketballs are an excellent low cost spirit item for basketball teams, whether college, high school, or middle school. These are commonly thrown out into the crowd by the cheerleaders after big scores, lead changes, during lull moments with the crowd, during time-outs and during halftime. The idea of the fans being able to possibly catch one of the thrown mini basketballs create an excitement like you wouldn’t believe. The mini basketballs, of course, would have the team mascot and team name printed on the balls. These can also be sold in the team spirit store for those unlucky fans who don’t catch a free ball. It’s also very easy to obtain business sponsors to pay for the balls as long as their logo is printed on the opposite side of the balls.

Thunder Sticks



Thundersticks are another hugely popular spirit item used at basketball games. These are inflatable sticks which are about 2 feet long that you bang together. They are sold in pairs because two are needed to make the noise. When combined with hundreds or thousands of fans banging these noisemakers together, the noise level is enough to rattle any competitor. The thunder sticks have a huge imprint area to print your team mascot. Here again, you can get a business sponsor and have plenty of room to print their logo and information on the thundersticks. These are typically one of the hottest products sold by booster clubs at basketballs games.

There are many more options to choose from when talking about basketball spirit items and these options above only represent two of the hundreds of spirit items available. The important thing to remember is to make sure your team has spirit items to help keep the crowd’s energy high and help keep the players excited and playing at their peak. They are also great products to help with fundraising for your team to cover new uniforms and equipment.