The Grim Reaper of Your Business


The Grim Reaper of Your BusinessIn most businesses there is a sort of Grim Reaper that comes along and kills your sales. This grim reaper could be many different things, but I am going to talk about one all too common problem. This Grim Reaper is known as busyness. I’m talking about busyness from fulfilling customer orders and quotes, fielding phone calls, client appointments, customer followup, and all of the other day-to-day tasks of taking care of your clients. You know, the good kind of busyness. Now when you get busy due to high demand, this is a great thing. However, business owners should make certain that they don’t forgo doing their normal marketing duties such as email marketing, blogging, prospecting, mail-outs, networking, analyzing data and other analytics, and all of the other tasks on your marketing plan. If you skimp on your normal everyday marketing because you are busy and feel that you don’t need it, then you are losing new clients in the future. Have you ever wondered why you have peaks and valleys in your sales figures? I bet that when you are slow you start doing many more marketing strategies. These strategies may include participating in local Chamber activities, networking groups, sales calls and visits, emails, handing out brochures or promotional products, and following up with past clients. I would also bet that when you are get busy from your recent marketing campaigns, you stop doing much of this because you “don’t have time.” We should all have a written marketing plan and dedicate a certain amount of time each day to it. It may come down to not promising a customer an unreasonable deadline. Now, I’m not saying to cut back on your customer service, because top notch customer service is extremely important (and increasingly rare these days). I’m just saying that if it won’t hurt your client, promise a deadline that works for both your schedule and your client’s schedule.

If you are not guilty of skimping on your marketing plan during busy times, then what is your grim reaper. We all have one. Believe me, I speaketh from experience. The important point to take home is to identify your grim reaper and put it to death. Get a plan; write it down; follow it everyday!

25 Promotional Product Ideas


Promotional products can be used for so many purposes and there are so many different types of promotional products. As a matter of fact, think of just about anything you can (no matter how obscure) and chances are we can offer that to you with your custom logo imprint. They are used by schools, businesses, organizations, charities, fundraisers, parties, and for retail purposes. They are one of the most effective forms of marketing as well as one of the least expensive ways to market your business. Promotional items and printing should be part of your monthly marketing budget. You should arm your employees with as much branded material as possible. Not only branded items to give to clients, but also for your employees to use. After all, the more your employees are exposed to branded items from your company, the more they will believe in the business and promote it to potential clients. The more your potential clients see with your logo, the more trustworthy your company will look to them.

Below are just 25 ideas, in no particular order, on how to use your promotional items.

  1. Marketing for an event.
  2. New product launch
  3. General branding.
  4. Christmas gifts.
  5. Company anniversary celebrations.
  6. New business opening.
  7. Grand re-opening celebrations.
  8. Corporate awards.
  9. General marketing campaigns.
  10. Facebook contest giveaways.
  11. Free gifts with purchase.
  12. In Store contest giveaways.
  13. Employee incentives.
  14. Follow up giveaway to a mailout.
  15. Thank you gifts.
  16. Birthday parties.
  17. Marriage anniversary parties.
  18. Retirement celebrations.
  19. Corporate gifts.
  20. Achievement awards.
  21. Sports banquet gifts.
  22. Celebrity autograph signings.
  23. Office items used daily.
  24. Marketing a new employee.
  25. Promoting sales.

Dos and Don’ts of Marketing With Promotional Products


When buying any type of marketing and advertising, you shouldn’t just make rash purchases without putting some considerable thought into the process. The same goes for buying promotional products. There are certain steps that you should follow in order to make sure your campaign is as successful as possible. Below are some Dos and Don’ts related to buying promotional products. Not all of the dos and don’ts will be applicable to every single order or campaign, but they help create a great rule of thumb to follow when possible.


  • Do make sure the products you are buying are suitable for the intended recipients.
  • Do keep the product colors consistent with your branding. Another words, use the color scheme of your company logo and image. Also, using promotional products that are closely related to your business is a great strategy.
  • Do make sure your point of contact and logo is included on the promos. Phone number and website are very important.
  • Do give away products that are useful. If they can be used over and over, they will stick around and continue to advertise for you.
  • Do include some kind of call to action to generate a phone call, email, text message, purchase, or some other kind of contact.
  • Do include some kind of tracking mechanism so you know the results that you are getting from your investment. This can be a unique coupon code, a specific QR code that generates a point of contact, or a more direct action such as, “Show us this item to receive 10% off your next order.”
  • Do use a reputable promotional products distributor. Just because a distributor offers the lowest price doesn’t mean they are the best option. In almost all walks of life, you get what you pay for. If you are getting a deal that is too good to be true, it probably is. Your order will suffer on quality or service or BOTH! Customer service trumps pricing.
  • Don’t give away worthless junk if you want your recipients to keep the items. Sometimes small increases in price can get an item that will significantly boost your response rate. However, by giving away items that don’t look good and don’t work well portrays a poor image of your company.
  • Don’t buy less than you need. This seems like a no-brainer, but it happens all the time due to budgetary reasons. Be sure you can afford the entire campaign and don’t do it halfway. You won’t see the results you want if you don’t go all the way with it.
  • Don’t give out high priced items in mass quantity, unless they are going to a specific group of people, such as your past top clients.
  • Don’t impulse shop when buying promotional items. Be sure and have a plan and think about it thoroughly.
  • Don’t settle for a lame layout on your promotional products. Be creative and utilize the options you have for specific products. For example, if the product you want offers a full color imprint, don’t just print in black. Use the potential of the full color to attract attention to the imprint.
  • Don’t be stingy with your products. Give them out.
  • Don’t buy from distributors that are just order takers. You want a distributor who cares about the success of your marketing and one who can offer ideas on how to improve them based on their experience and expertise.
Buying promotional products is not as simple as buying groceries at the grocery store. You have to know your targeted audience, know the results you want to produce, know how you will produce those results, and act upon your plan. Promotional products are an investment and NOT an expense if they are used correctly. An experienced distributor with a creative staff can help you achieve these results.

How to Make Your Business Stand Out on a Busy Road


If you are like most businesses, your building is not the only business on the side of road.  In fact, there are probably dozens or even hundreds of businesses along your road.  So how do you make your business stand out to the potential customers who pass by your building every day?  Flags, banners, and yard signs are some of the best and cheapest ways to stand out and be seen.  The feather flags or bow flags are tall flags that blow in the wind and are best seen when placed near the road sign.  Typically, the less printing the better for these so they can be ready easily.  Words such as SALE or CLEARANCE or some other catchy word to attract shoppers is best.  Banners are much less expensive than flags and can be changed out more frequently.  Banners should also have a phone number placed on them.  Yard Signs are another great way to market your business.  There are many businesses that market solely with yard signs placed strategically at busy intersections.  But be careful that you don’t break any ordinances by place signs without permission.  Stand out more and gain more business.  It’s a simple and effective philosophy.

More Shock Marketing


Anyone who has read any blogs from me have probably heard me talk about shock marketing.  Here is another great example of it driving around in Florida.  One of the best forms of advertising you can do for your business is to create some kind of shock reaction from people.  This reaction causes a long lasting memory of your company.  Then later down the road when this person needs services that you provide, your business name will be burned into their brain bringing you business.  People won’t always remember where they remember you, but that shock reaction will definitely stick with them.  You can also create this same kind of reaction with promotional product marketing.   So get out there and make some waves.  Another brilliant form of advertising below thanks to John Bailey Construction Co.

Shock Marketing

Shock Marketing