Plastic Mini Footballs vs. Vinyl Mini Footballs?


Plastic Mini Footballs vs. Vinyl Mini FootballsFootball season is upon us, so the big decision for spirit items is what type of mini football is the best? The fans love to catch mini footballs thrown by the cheerleaders, so this item is a must-purchase spirit item. Whether you buy them out of your general booster club funds or get business sponsors for the footballs, you have to decide which football to buy – Plastic mini footballs or vinyl mini footballs. They both have pros and cons when comparing to the other, so you have to make your choice based on budget, imprint, and the way you are using the footballs. Both are great options for programs ordering large quantities or those with a tight budget. Below are the pros and cons of both types of promotional mini footballs so you can make an informed decision.

Plastic Mini Footballs

  • Smaller than the vinyl mini football – about 6″ in length measuring from one tip around the football to the opposite tip.
  • About 10 cents cheaper than the vinyl mini footballs.
  • Harder than the vinyl mini football.
  • Cheaper to ship than vinyl mini footballs since they are smaller.
  • Plastic mini footballs don’t throw as far or as well as the vinyl mini footballs.
  • Slightly smaller imprint area than the vinyl mini footballs – 2″ W x 1.25″ H.
  • They do have a pebbled surface so detailed imprints may get lost.
  • Never lose shape or air since they are made from molded plastic.

Vinyl Mini Footballs

  • Larger than the plastic mini football – about 7″ in length measuring from one tip around the football to the opposite tip. This varies slightly depending on how much the footballs are inflated.
  • About 10 center more than plastic mini footballs.
  • Softer and less likely to hurt anyone when thrown.
  • More expensive to ship since they are both longer and fatter than the plastic mini footballs.
  • Throw much better and farther since they weigh a little more.
  • Larger imprint area – 2″ W x 1.5″ H.
  • Have a smooth surface on 1 side for better imprinting of smaller details.
  • Vinyl mini footballs will lose air over time, but they can easily be re-inflated with a standard athletic pump and sports ball needle.
  • Have a higher perceived value than plastic mini footballs and therefore, will most likely be kept longer by recipients.

Mini footballs are extremely popular at college, high school, and middle school football games. Both the plastic and vinyl mini footballs are great choices, but sometimes one is more suitable over the other depending on your purpose. Many local businesses are more than willing to pay sponsorship money to have their logo put on the mini footballs, which pays for the footballs and gives the cheerleaders more footballs to throw at games. Throwing out the footballs helps keep the crowd engaged and excited. Everyone loves when they leave the games with a souvenir. Be sure and order mini footballs now for your team before the start of the season to avoid the rush!

Mini Footballs At Super Bowl XLVI

Mini Footballs

Mini Footballs

Well, once again, the Super Bowl has come and gone. The long anticipation of the 2011-2012 season led us to the World Champion New Giants. Congratulations to Eli and Company for the exciting win in the 4th quarter.

This doesn’t, however, mean that all football stops. Indeed not. Now kids of all ages, including those “older kids” of 30 or 40 or even 50 years old, are now

throwing footballs with their fathers, their brothers, their friends, and their sons. Mini Footballs that were caught or bought at the spirit items booster clubs from previous football games are now being tossed all around the house breaking lamps and getting kids in trouble. Football excitement is higher than ever. It will eventually dwindle down only to pick up steam again toward the beginning of August when high school football season begins. Then the excitement will ramp up even further when College football starts. Will it be yet another SEC National Champion next season? I hope so.

So all of you kids (a.k.a. Dads), if you break a lamp throwing footballs around the house after your wife has already fussed at you, just blame it on your son. So now we just have to wait another year for the next Super Bowl. Congratulations again to the Giants as well as the Giants fans (of whom I’m sure many are still hung over from the celebration last night).

How To Make Money From Football Games With Mini Footballs


I’m not talking about betting here but making money by throwing out mini footballs. Football season is starting this month for many high schools so now is the time to take advantage of this opportunity. Mini footballs typically come in either a 6″ plastic size or a 7″ vinyl size. The vinyl is, of course, softer, and is only a few cents more per ball. The main idea is to have some promotional mini footballs printed with your logo printed on one side of the football and a special offer printed on the 2nd side. You definitely want to put an expiration date on the special offer, so someone doesn’t try to redeem it years later. Here are some ideas and some examples that other businesses have used in the past:

  • Smoothie chain: Bring in this football for a FREE smoothie of your choice.
  • Oil & Lube Shop: Bring in this football and receive an oil change for only $10.
  • Nail Salon: Redeem this football for a FREE manicure.
  • Hair Salon: Bring this football for FREE standard hair cut.
  • Restaurant: Bring this football in for a FREE appetizer.
  • Restaurant: Redeem this ball for Buy 1 Get 1 FREE entree of your choice.
  • Grocery Store: Redeem this football for a FREE Grocery Tote on your next shopping visit.
  • Bar: Bring this in for a FREE draft beer.
  • Convenient Store: Redeem this football for a FREE fountain drink.
  • Bank: Bring in this football and receive a $20 deposit with any new checking account.
  • Print Shop: Redeem this football and receive 100 FREE business cards.
  • Hair Salon: Bring this in to receive $20 off any hair coloring.
  • Restaurant: Redeem this for a FREE kids meal with adult entree purchase.
  • Fitness Center: Redeem this football for a FREE 2 month membership.
  • Massage Therapist: Bring this in for a FREE 10 minute massage.
  • Fast Food Restaurant: Redeem for a FREE small order of fries.
  • Church: Bring this in to learn how to receive FREE eternal salvation.
  • Sandwich Restaurant: Redeem this ball and receive a FREE 6″ sub with any purchase.
  • Car Dealership: Redeem this ball and receive FREE oil changes for 1 year with car purchase.
  • Bank: Redeem this and receive a $500 discount on closing cost for home mortgage.

If you notice the examples above, the majority of the offers have a common theme: FREE. Free gets people in your door. Once they are in, it’s up to you to up sell them or cross sell them. Ideally, they will have a great experience with your business and become a regular customer. Mini footballs are cheap and schools love getting them donated. The cheerleaders will gladly throw the footballs into the crowd each time their team scores. The fans absolutely love catching the footballs and will love it even more when they see the great offer printed on the football. Don’t be afraid to give away products or services for free, just have a plan on what you will do with those customers when they come into your place of business to redeem their coupon. This is a great opportunity to market your business and bring in loads of new faces into your business, so make sure and take advantage of this and make some money!

21 Ideas for Promotional Mini Footballs


Mini footballs are one of the most popular spirit items for the sport of football. You see them at almost all football games. Here are a few creative ideas mixed in with some classic uses of promotional mini footballs.

  1. Mini footballs make great centerpieces for football banquets and parties.
  2. Use them in a friendly game of two hand touch football.
  3. At a festival, set up a booth and let participants try to toss the football through the hole to win a prize.
  4. Use them as end of the season gifts for coaches, players, and volunteers.
  5. Have a fundraising event and charge people to peg the coach in the head with a football. The fans can take out any aggression from that previous loss. Make sure and use the vinyl mini football since it is softer.
  6. Have a distance throwing contest.
  7. Sell the mini footballs in the booster club to help raise money for the team.
  8. Get local businesses to sponsor by having their logo printed on the balls.
  9. Have the cheerleaders throw out the balls to the crowd every time your team scores a touchdown.
  10. Give out the mini footballs with the game schedule printed on them.
  11. Give out a mini football with the team mascot printed on them to every season ticket order.
  12. Use them as birthday party invitations by printing the party time and RSVP info on the balls. We have also sold a lot of these for wedding save the date balls for football themed weddings.
  13. Toss them around for fun with a friend or your son.
  14. Bounce them off the wall when you are bored.
  15. Hang the footballs from the ceiling as a party decoration.
  16. Print coupons on the balls that say, “Bring this ball in to redeem for a FREE ___” Once you get the ball back, you can give it out to someone else to help bring in more business.
  17. Use them for autograph sessions if you have a pro player on site.
  18. Donate them to a Children’s ministry as gifts for kids.
  19. Use them to squeeze as an exercise tool to build up muscles in your forearm. You will need the vinyl mini footballs for this one too.
  20. Support your local team by giving them out with a purchase to your local patrons.
  21. Use them as giveaways for Facebook contests on your business Facebook page to encourage your fans to visit your page often.

A Look at the Top 5 Selling Mini Footballs


Well, college basketball has ended and NBA basketball is coming to an end soon and it is already time to be gearing up for College and High School Football.  It’s only a few short months away.  With that being said, here are the top 5 selling Mini Footballs for booster clubs and football teams.

  1. 6″ Plastic Mini Football – The 6″ plastic mini football is the biggest seller simply due to the price point.  These are thrown out in mass by cheerleaders at middle school, high school, and college football games.  These footballs have no frill.  They are what they are.  A football. 
  2. 7″ Vinyl Mini Football- The 7″ vinyl mini football runs neck in neck in sales with the plastic mini football.  It is only a few cents more per football but shipping costs are increased because they are larger in size.  These, in my opinion, are far superior than the plastic mini football because they are larger, softer, heavier, and they throw much better.  Also, they have an air valve so you can add more air to them if you wish.
  3. 7″ Foam Mini Football – These foam mini footballs are great giveaways when you want a more premium item.  The cost is about double that of the vinyl mini footballs so these aren’t meant to be thrown out in mass but they work well for end of the season gifts for players or for birthday parties. 
  4. Football Hacky Sacks- These little 2″ football shaped kick balls are great cheap giveaways for kids (or adults) to play hacky sack.  The price point is low enough to give away to larger crowds and give you lots of marketing exposure. 
  5. Mini Signature Footballs – Mini footballs with an autograph panel are great for sports events that will feature a pro athlete.  These footballs are also great for end of the year team parties so each player can sign the balls for their teammates.

Whatever type of mini football you should decide to go with, the important thing is that you show your team spirit and have some sort or spirit item to give the fans.