No More Cold Calls, Wow Your Clients With Promotional Products


Promotional CoolersIf you have been in sales for even a week, you know about the dreaded gatekeeper. That is the person that screens phone calls and visitors from the management and the “decision makers.” All sales people know that you don’t waste time trying to sell to the secretary or random employees. You have to get to that person who is authorized to make the decision. Now sometimes that might be the secretary or it might be an employee who has been tasked with that duty. You have to ask to find out who makes those decisions, if you don’t already know.

The first answer that you almost always get on a cold cold when asking to speak to that decision maker is, “Do you have an appointment?” or “What is this in regards to?” or “Does he know you?” or some other similar screening question. When you don’t have an appointment or he doesn’t know you, then the standard response is a rejection.

But what if you wooed that gatekeeper from the start by giving him or her a gift? I’m not talking about a cheap pen or a koozie, but a nice gift such as a can cooler or a nice bag? There are thousands of great and useful promotional products to choose for this task. By starting off the conversation with a gift before even introducing yourself, you will be successful much more often in getting through that gatekeeper to that almighty decision maker.

This warming effect of gifts also works with clients as well. I recently met with a client and started off the meeting with handing out gifts to each person in attendance. Those gifts were custom cooler bags printed with the logo of one of our online advertising services, Emerald Coast HUB. The mood instantly changed to a warmer environment and that opened up the client to listen more attentively and respect my advice more. In addition, having some nice promotional gifts with your business logo on them adds a level of professionalism to your company. In the course of everyday business, we run across many different “businesses.” Some of these businesses are one man operations and “fly by night operations.” Professionally printed promotional items help to separate your legitimate business from those just trying to make a quick buck. If you make it a no-brainer for them to discern you from those “shady” businesses, you will instantly get credibility and be more apt to earn that order.

Good luck with your selling and don’t forget to bring plenty of gifts!

Now, What Do You Do For A Living?


Full Color Business CardsHow good are you at promoting yourself verbally? When you meet people, do you let them know what you do for a living? You should. However, many business owners and professionals fail to tweet their own horn. Sure it’s easy to talk about your business or line of work at business networking functions, but what about in social situations?

Read the following story and see if you can relate. This is a true story about myself. A lady walks into our office and relays to our office manager that she needs some business cards printed. So she is referred to one of our promotional products specialists. While I am in my office, I can hear parts of the conversation happening and the client’s voice sounds familiar. So I peek my head out and see a friend from church that I have known for about four years. When I see her, I greet her and she says, “I didn’t know you worked here.” I reply with, “Not only do I work here, but I own Perfect Imprints.”

Full Color Business CardsSo the moral is the story is that I very obviously did a lousy job promoting myself and my business. Now you must have some etiquette and not be annoying. You don’t want to turn social situations into business situations. You don’t want to conduct business while at church service. But, as you are wrapping up your conversation with friends, acquaintances, or new people you meet, just casually hand them your business card and say, “Here’s my business card with my contact info on it in case you ever need to get in contact with me.” I guarantee everyone will look at it and associate your business with you. Whether you own a business or work for a business, you should always promote that business and ensure your job security every opportunity you get.

So don’t be shy. Tell others about your business and begin developing deeper relationships with clients. In small business, more people than not, prefer to do business with someone they know and trust. Capitalize on that trust and your business will see growth.

What Does A Promotional Products Consultant Do?


Often we will sell an order of pens to business in need of pens or key chains to an automotive dealer and all of sudden we become the “pen guys” or the “key chain guys.” However, we offer so much  more than just selling an item. Perhaps out of busyness and limited time, we sometimes don’t fully convey what it is that we really offer. Perfect Imprints offers not only over a million different promotional items that can be custom printed with your company logo, but also custom t-shirts and apparel, full color printing, graphic design, logo design, and web design. The services that we offer are not just that of an order taker and order fulfilment company, but as a marketing consultant. We have been in business for over 12 years and our employees are highly trained in marketing strategies and graphic design. We regularly attend education seminars and learn about the hottest new marketing trends and read trade journals. Our customers that we service are in all 50 states with several of our clients abroad. Because of our diverse customer base, we know not only local trends, but the trends happening in other areas of the country. Because of this knowledge, we can help your business get the edge on your competitors. The expertise that we offer will turn your marketing budget into an investment and not an expense. Here’s a little video we put together to show you some of the services that we offer.

If you are read to start your marketing campaign, give Perfect Imprints a call at 800-773-9472 or visit our website at

Hoard Marketing Syndrome


Hoard Marketing Syndrome

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines hoard as “a supply or fund stored up and often hidden away.” TheHoard Marketing Syndrome show Hoarders has become increasing popular and the act of hoarding has become much more prevalent increasing awareness for the condition. I run across many small business owners who buy marketing items such as various promotional products and they actually hoard them. This condition in which business owners and marketing directors hoard their company promotional items is known as Hoard Marketing Syndrome (HMS) and this all too common ailment has serious complications for your business. Below the signs and symptoms, risk factors, complications, and treatment for Hoard Marketing Syndrome are listed. If you are experiencing any of the signs or symptoms below, I urge you to seek treatment immediately. We have expert HMS counselors standing by to help you overcome this grave business condition.

Signs & Symptoms:

  • Desire to want to hang on to your promotional items for as long as possible and not give them away.
  • Desire to only want to give out your marketing material to friends and family because these items are “too good” or “too cool” to give away to anyone else.
  • Cluttered work area with boxes and boxes of new custom printed promotional products that haven’t been given away.
  • The inability to give away promotional products due to the incorrect perception that they are costly and they need to be conserved for special occasions.
Risk Factors:
  • Bosses who are tight with money.
  • Companies who cut marketing budgets.
  • Businesses who fail to understand the importance of marketing and branding.
  • Company history of past struggling with sales and marketing due to little of no marketing.
  • No marketing exposure to your potential clients.
  • Lack of clients.
  • Low sales volumes.
  • Falling behind on bills for your business due to an unhealthy bottom line.
  • Business failure.
  • Target your intended audience and give away the promotional items to those potential clients.
  • Give away the promotional items to past clients to generate repeat business.
  • Give away promotional products on your Facebook page with contests.
  • Give out promotional products to each new client or with each new sale.
  • Give out your marketing items with each quote.
  • Hold back 2 or 3 of your favorite items for later and give the rest away to potential clients.
  • Make sure you track any leads that come back to you through these promotional giveaways.
  • Have a strategy to give away your branded items, but be generous.
  • Have a section of your marketing budget specifically for promotional products.
We, at Perfect Imprints, understand the seriousness of HMS and we pledge to help you overcome this horrible condition. The good news is that you can overcome it and you can increase your bottom line once again through the generous use of promotional products. Give us call and begin your treatment plan right away. Contact any of our HMS specialists now toll free at  1-800-773-9472.

10 Overlooked Cheap & Easy Marketing Methods


I notice a lot of local businesses who fail to do any advertising. They say word of mouth is the best advertising and that’s all I’m going to do. They sit back and wait and wait and wait . . .  These are the same people that complain about being slow and have sales down in the basement. Truth be told, word of mouth advertising is the best form; however, it only works in conjunction with other forms of advertising and marketing. It works alone only if you have been in business for many years and have a large clientele list or if you have no competitors for a needed service or product in your area. I have put together a list of very cheap and simple advertising options that will keep on marketing for you long after the purchase. These are items that many businesses use everyday successfully and they are all very cheap to buy.

  1. Banners – You can get full color printed banners describing your products or services or maybe even some kind of special pricing. If you design them properly, these can bring in a lot of new business, especially if you have some road frontage to hang the banner.
  2. Business Cards – Everyone has business cards; however, are they designed effectively? Are you taking advantage of multiple colors to enhance your design and catch the eye of your potential clients? Are you offering any kind of coupon on your cards to draw in new clients? Don’t be too cheap to pay for a professional design and layout initially. It will be well worth the extra $50. Then give your business cards out like crazy. Leave them everywhere you go. Also, be sure and get individual cards for each salesperson. Don’t have one design with a ________ to write their name. That looks cheap and unprofessional. I can think of several businesses I have been to recently that are guilty of this.
  3. Flyers and Brochures – Flyers are extremely cheap to print 2500 or 5000 quantity and pass out in mass. Be sure and details your services and products. If possible, include your pricing or include some kind of call to action so your clients will call you or visit your business. These are extremely important to have professionally designed. I can assure you that a flyer or brochure designed with Microsoft Word or Publisher looks unprofessional and is much less effective than designed by a pro.
  4. Bookmarks – Next time you visit the library, look for free bookmarks and you will see all kinds of designs. Readers take these daily to mark their pages in their books, so ask your local library if you can drop off a few thousand bookmarks. Be sure to have some kind of nice design on the front that will attract people to take one and include your business info on the back.
  5. Postcards – Postcard marketing can be very effective for announcing events, new products, or specials. I received oil change specials all the time from a local oil & lube business that I frequently redeem. A postcard costs less than $0.10 in bulk and the stamp only $0.29, so for $0.39, that oil & lube business got $30 from me. It’s a no-brainer. You can buy mailing lists from business or individuals in your local area that you can use to mail postcards to.
  6. Custom T-Shirts – T-shirts have a little cost initially; however, if you have a stylish, comfortable t-shirt in a nice color, that shirt will be worn over and over and act like a walking billboard. Hundreds of people will see your advertisement. Make sure you wear your own t-shirts frequently and get some in smaller sizes for your kids.
  7. Car Magnets – These are probably the single most effective form of marketing with promotional products for the cost. Think about how much time you spend at traffic lights waiting for that light to turn green. During that time, those drivers (who aren’t on their cell phone) are looking around and curiosity will cause them to read your card magnet. Make sure it explains what your business does and not just your name. I see car magnets all the time and they will just say something like Global, Inc and a phone number. What the heck do they do? I’m not going to call them and just ask what do you do? Think like someone who has never heard of you and make sure you get the point of your business across in a brief few seconds.
  8. Holiday Greeting Cards – The holiday season, especially around Christmas, is a time when a lot of people spend a lot of money, so send out greeting cards to your top customers. Make sure and send them out early in December, so they remember you before making purchases. Also, don’t go get the $5 pack of generic and cheap looking Christmas cards. Have them custom designed. They are cheaper than you think and will make much more of an impact.
  9. Yard Signs – You see these all the time at major intersections. I have called many numbers inquiring about services and products from these yard signs. They tend to get a bit lost during election time, but outside of that time frame, these do an amazing job at getting your message out.
  10. Blog Frequently – I’m not talking about blogging about how you feel today, but use your expertise in your industry and put out some useful information. For instance, if you are in the computer repair business, give tips on improving the speed of your computer or give alerts about new viruses and trojans. If you are in the real estate business, post about ways to improve property value or curb appeal. Remember that you have the knowledge about your industry and you are the expert. Make sure your blog reflects that.

These are all extremely cheap forms of marketing with many of them great for flood marketing, which is just saturating your area with cheap forms of marketing so mass amounts of people are exposed to your business. Be sure and have your products professionally designed for maximum effectiveness. If you want to grow and in many cases stay in business during the tough times, don’t ever stop marketing. Be sure to take advantage of the cheaper forms of marketing during these tougher times. They can be very effective and lucrative.