I’d Like an order of mini footballs with a side of stripes


vinyl mini footballs with stripes and without stripesOne of the top associations with back to school is the start of football season. It’s an exciting time of the year because it’s a time of high energy from fans of both opponents. Sometimes the energy is heated but mostly it’s just good, clean fun. It’s the job of the booster club and cheerleaders to harness that energy of the crowd and keep it going. Not only does this make the game more enjoyable to get out there and scream and yell, but it helps to energize the football team. The players thrive from the fans screaming their support.

Stripes for mini footballs

Stripes for mini footballs

So what’s the best item for the cheerleaders to throw into the crowd to get them excited? Well, there are many items that can be thrown to create a frenzy with the crowd. You can throw rolled up t-shirts; however, because of the higher expense you can’t throw too many. If you want an item that you throw in bulk and not break the bank, go with mini footballs. You also have a few choices to personalize the mini footballs such as plastic or vinyl material, multiple football colors and several imprint colors to choose from. Another option to really help your footballs look spiffy is to add stripes. Stripes are actually printed on the mini footballs, so it does add an extra expense, usually only around 25 cents per football. Additionally, with the stripes, choose from either solid stripes, paw print stripes, champs stripes, star stripes, tire tread stripes, and WIN! stripes. Check out the picture to the right to see stock stripes. If you really want to personalize your mini footballs, you can get custom stripes, such as your logo or mascot repeated around the stripes.

It’s extremely important for schools and booster clubs to have spirit items available for sales to raise money for the team. You can sell a lot of these school spirit items and you will see many fans using them to cheer on the team. However, if you really want to see the fans go crazy for spirit items, start throwing out the mini footballs to them and watch how they react. There’s just something that excites them to catch a “FREE” item. Most schools throw out a few mini footballs with each touchdown or field goal scored by their team. Even though football season has started, it’s not too late to buy your mini footballs if you order today! If you need your footballs in a rush, Perfect Imprints can do rush orders!


Plastic Mini Footballs vs. Vinyl Mini Footballs?


Plastic Mini Footballs vs. Vinyl Mini FootballsFootball season is upon us, so the big decision for spirit items is what type of mini football is the best? The fans love to catch mini footballs thrown by the cheerleaders, so this item is a must-purchase spirit item. Whether you buy them out of your general booster club funds or get business sponsors for the footballs, you have to decide which football to buy – Plastic mini footballs or vinyl mini footballs. They both have pros and cons when comparing to the other, so you have to make your choice based on budget, imprint, and the way you are using the footballs. Both are great options for programs ordering large quantities or those with a tight budget. Below are the pros and cons of both types of promotional mini footballs so you can make an informed decision.

Plastic Mini Footballs

  • Smaller than the vinyl mini football – about 6″ in length measuring from one tip around the football to the opposite tip.
  • About 10 cents cheaper than the vinyl mini footballs.
  • Harder than the vinyl mini football.
  • Cheaper to ship than vinyl mini footballs since they are smaller.
  • Plastic mini footballs don’t throw as far or as well as the vinyl mini footballs.
  • Slightly smaller imprint area than the vinyl mini footballs – 2″ W x 1.25″ H.
  • They do have a pebbled surface so detailed imprints may get lost.
  • Never lose shape or air since they are made from molded plastic.

Vinyl Mini Footballs

  • Larger than the plastic mini football – about 7″ in length measuring from one tip around the football to the opposite tip. This varies slightly depending on how much the footballs are inflated.
  • About 10 center more than plastic mini footballs.
  • Softer and less likely to hurt anyone when thrown.
  • More expensive to ship since they are both longer and fatter than the plastic mini footballs.
  • Throw much better and farther since they weigh a little more.
  • Larger imprint area – 2″ W x 1.5″ H.
  • Have a smooth surface on 1 side for better imprinting of smaller details.
  • Vinyl mini footballs will lose air over time, but they can easily be re-inflated with a standard athletic pump and sports ball needle.
  • Have a higher perceived value than plastic mini footballs and therefore, will most likely be kept longer by recipients.

Mini footballs are extremely popular at college, high school, and middle school football games. Both the plastic and vinyl mini footballs are great choices, but sometimes one is more suitable over the other depending on your purpose. Many local businesses are more than willing to pay sponsorship money to have their logo put on the mini footballs, which pays for the footballs and gives the cheerleaders more footballs to throw at games. Throwing out the footballs helps keep the crowd engaged and excited. Everyone loves when they leave the games with a souvenir. Be sure and order mini footballs now for your team before the start of the season to avoid the rush!

A Look at the Top 5 Selling Mini Footballs


Well, college basketball has ended and NBA basketball is coming to an end soon and it is already time to be gearing up for College and High School Football.  It’s only a few short months away.  With that being said, here are the top 5 selling Mini Footballs for booster clubs and football teams.

  1. 6″ Plastic Mini Football – The 6″ plastic mini football is the biggest seller simply due to the price point.  These are thrown out in mass by cheerleaders at middle school, high school, and college football games.  These footballs have no frill.  They are what they are.  A football. 
  2. 7″ Vinyl Mini Football- The 7″ vinyl mini football runs neck in neck in sales with the plastic mini football.  It is only a few cents more per football but shipping costs are increased because they are larger in size.  These, in my opinion, are far superior than the plastic mini football because they are larger, softer, heavier, and they throw much better.  Also, they have an air valve so you can add more air to them if you wish.
  3. 7″ Foam Mini Football – These foam mini footballs are great giveaways when you want a more premium item.  The cost is about double that of the vinyl mini footballs so these aren’t meant to be thrown out in mass but they work well for end of the season gifts for players or for birthday parties. 
  4. Football Hacky Sacks- These little 2″ football shaped kick balls are great cheap giveaways for kids (or adults) to play hacky sack.  The price point is low enough to give away to larger crowds and give you lots of marketing exposure. 
  5. Mini Signature Footballs – Mini footballs with an autograph panel are great for sports events that will feature a pro athlete.  These footballs are also great for end of the year team parties so each player can sign the balls for their teammates.

Whatever type of mini football you should decide to go with, the important thing is that you show your team spirit and have some sort or spirit item to give the fans.

Mini Footballs for Super Bowl Parties


Super Bowl XLV is coming up in just a short 2 weeks away on February 6, 2011.  There will be Super Bowl parties all over the country and of course many many drinks being guzzled down.  It will probably be fair to assume that many of the party people might wake up the next morning and have little memories of their “good times.”  With that being said, maybe it might not be a bad idea to give out some type of party favors so your guests will remember the event.  Mini footballs are a great party favor for this purple. You can get your custom imprint on the footballs and customize with the date.  You can choose from either vinyl or plastic mini footballs, although, I highly recommend you go with the vinyl mini footballs.  The reason I recommend these over the plastic footballs is that they throw better and us guys don’t damage as much indoor property with the vinyl footballs since they are soft and squeezable.  So not only are these mini footballs fun to throw around the house while watching the big game, but they will hang around for years of fun afterward.

Mini Footballs and the Pros and Cons of each type


Every year around this time we sell thousands and thousands of mini footballs.  These footballs are great for cheerleaders to throw out to the crowd at football games.  All of the mini footballs help to keep the crowd involved and excited.  There are 3 main mini football types that we sell and I’ll list the pros and cons of each.  Before I get into the various types of mini footballs, I’ll list the pros of all mini footballs.

Benefits of All Mini Footballs:

  1. They help generate team spirit and excitement with the crowd.
  2. They are fun.
  3. They can be used as a marketing campaign when printed with the custom marketing info.
  4. Great for pep rallies and for game day.

Plastic Mini Football

  1. These are the least expensive footballs.
  2. Because they are the smallest option, the shipping is the least expensive for these footballs.
  3. Because they are made from blow-molded plastic, they will never lose their air or shape.
  4. 12 different colors to choose from:  Black, White, Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Brown, Purple, Clear, Gold, or Glow in the Dark.


  1. Because the mini footballs are only about 6″ from tip to tip, the imprint area is the smallest out of the three footballs measuring 2″ W x 1.25″ H.  This are is plenty big enough to print your team name and mascot though.
  2. Because these are so lightweight, they don’t throw quite as far as the vinyl or foam mini footballs.
  3. Because they are made of molded plastic, the tips of these footballs are hard and can hurt someone if they are hit directly in the face.

Vinyl Mini Football

  1. These footballs are considerably larger than the plastic mini footballs.  They measure approximately 7″ in from tip to tip; however, the diameter of them is much larger, depending on how much they are inflated.
  2. They have an athletic valve so you can add more air or deflate.
  3. Because these are made of vinyl and are air filled, they are much softer.  They make a much better choice for indoor use or for children’s parties.
  4. These footballs throw much farther and better than their plastic mini football counterpart because they have more weight to them.
  5. The imprint area is larger on the vinyl mini footballs than on the plastic footballs measuring 2″ W x 1.5″ H, allowing your ad space to be a little larger.
  6. 14 different colors to choose from:  Black, White, Brown, Burgundy, Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Gold, Silver, or Glow in the Dark.
  7. This one is just my opinion (from over 10 years of selling them), but recipients will keep these vinyl footballs longer than the plastic footballs because they have more play value.


  1. They are more expensive than the plastic mini footballs, but only usually by 5 to 10 cents each.
  2. They are a little more expensive to ship due to the size difference over the plastic mini footballs.
  3. They will lose air after several months (but since they have an athletic valve, they can easily be re-inflated).

Foam Mini Footballs (Nerf type)

  1. Higher perceived value than plastic or vinyl footballs.
  2. Throws better than plastic or vinyl footballs.
  3. Kept for a long time by recipients because of the high play value.


  1. More expensive than plastic or mini footballs.
  2. Can become water logged if played with in water.

While all three types of mini footballs have value, you have to decide on which type fits into your setting and budget.  The important thing is to help generate team spirit.  These spirit items are perfect for doing that.