Halloween Trick or Treat Bags for Safety


It’s always a great thing when your business can promote both child safety and your company at the same time. It’s easy to do with Halloween trick or treat bags. Many trick or treat bags have safety tips printed on stock designs, or you can print your own safety tips along with your custom logo to help promote Halloween safety to both kids and parents. You can choose from a variety of Halloween bags ranging from white, ivory, or orange plastic to reflective metallic plastic Halloween bags which add even more safety because of the reflectiveness of the bag material.

Halloween bags are great giveaways around the month of October to help promote your business. All parents of trick or treating age kids look for Halloween bags for their kids. You can give these bags away to each of your customers as they checkout from your retail location or you can distribute them out in mass at various events such as fall festivals and Halloween carnivals. Best of all, personalized Halloween bags are inexpensive giveaway items.

Below are a few of the popular and budget-friendly trick or treat bags to choose from.

Metallic Orange Halloween Trick or Treat Bags

$0.70 or less - FREE Setup

$0.70 or less - FREE Setup

Silver Metallic Halloween Bags

$0.70 or less - FREE Setup 







Orange Jack-O-Lantern Trick or Treat Bags with Black Soft Loop Handle

$0.54 or less - FREE Setup

Orange Trick or Treat Bag

$0.50 or less - FREE Setup

Orange Halloween Treat Bags

$0.42 or less - FREE Setup







Yellow Halloween Trick or Treat Bags

$0.56 or less - FREE Setup

Have A Safe Halloween trick or treat bags

$0.52 or less - FREE Setup

Yellow Halloween treat bags

$0.54 or less - FREE Setup







Above are 9 different trick or treat bags that are all listed at a cheap price and include a Black custom logo imprint with a FREE Setup. Order now so you can get your Halloween bags in plenty of time to giveaway before Halloween night. Most businesses that giveaway trick or treat bags find their customers coming back year after year to get their Halloween bags for their kids to trick or treat. This is a great way to get your customers back in your store and it is a great community service at the same time. It’s definitely a win-win situation for both you and your customers. Prepare early and help promote your business and Halloween trick or treating safety! Happy upcoming Halloween!

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Awesome Jack-O-Lantern Carving For Halloween


In the spirit of Halloween coming up in just a little over a month, I wanted to post a couple of pictures of pumpkins carved into a Jack-O-Lantern by one of our graphic designers at Perfect Imprints. These were the first two attempts by Jean-Paul Tamayo and I think they were amazing. I can’t wait to see what he unveils this year. I’m like a kid when Halloween comes around. I love costumes and haunted houses and jack-o-lanterns, and, of course, stealing my kids’ candy from their trick or treat bags. I’ve even thought about putting on a costume and going trick or treating. I’m sure this is just one of the many reasons why my wife says that I am like her 4th child. Anyway, Halloween is fun. Enough said. Great job on those pumpkins, Jean-Paul!


First Attempt by Jean-Paul Tamayo

Second attempt at carving a pumpkin

Second attempt by Jean-Paul Tamayo







10 Ideas For Halloween Trick or Treat Bags


In light of the Halloween observance coming up in October, I have listed some ideas to use Halloween trick or treat bags to help market your business. All ideas won’t apply to your business, but many of them will. Halloween bags are cheap and are great to give out in mass quantities for branding and marketing exposure. The bags you give to your clients will end up in the hands of their children or the children of their friends.

  1. Use the Halloween bags as a retail shopping bag when your customers purchase small merchandise.
  2. If you provide written quotes or estimates to your clients, insert the printed quote in the Halloween bag when you deliver the estimate to them.
  3. For photographers, deliver your client’s printed photos in a trick or treat bag.
  4. Give out quantities of your bags printed with your logo to businesses to pass out to kids that come in.
  5. Give out bags to non-profit organizations that deal with kids so they will have bags.
  6. Give out your trick or treat bags at conventions that take place in October.
  7. If your business provides samples of products, put them in the trick or treat bags and hand them out.
  8. Have a display at your place of business with a sign saying FREE and give out to your customers who have children.
  9. Insert brochures, business cards, or other literature about your business in the bags and pass out around neighborhoods and/or businesses.
  10. Pass out enough Halloween bags to your child’s school to give out one for each child. The child will bring the bag home and that will market your business to their parents.

10 Reasons to Buy Halloween Trick or Treat Bags For Marketing Your Business


Halloween is just around the corner. Halloween trick or treat bags are great items to use to promote your business. They are cheap, practical and fun. There are many styles to choose from. I’ve put together a list of 10 reasons business should buy trick or treat bags and give out to clients:

  1. They are cheap, often less than 50 cents each.
  2. They are functional. All kids trick or treating need a bag to collect their candy, so why not give them a bag advertising your business?
  3. They promote awareness for your business.
  4. They promote safety for trick or treaters (and parents), since many of the bags have safety tips printed on the bags.
  5. If you get the reflective metallic bags, they help kids to be seen at night.
  6. Your customers will come to expect these bags every year. If they do, that means you are retaining that customer.
  7. Your customers will tell their friends where they can get Halloween bags for their children. Once they are in your store, you have an opportunity to sell to them.
  8. Halloween is fun and it’s a great way for adults to get involved with the traditions of trick or treating.
  9. The bags are often kept for months after Halloween giving your business ever more marketing exposure.
  10. They have a large imprint area on the treat bags giving you an excellent opportunity for branding.
Many of your competitors are already taking advantage of this marketing opportunity. Because of the cheap price and the mass marketing ability of Halloween trick or treat bags, these are a great choice for any business type. Typical production time is about 2 weeks plus shipping time, so plan ahead and make use of this big spending holiday.

Halloween Trick or Treat Bags


Well it’s hard to believe it’s already October and Halloween is just around the corner.  If you are going to take advantage of this huge opportunity to market your business, you only have a couple of more weeks to get your custom trick or treat bags.  Although Halloween treat bags are the most common purchase by businesses for the occasion, you shouldn’t overlook goodies to put in the bags.  Halloween giveaways such as coloring books, activity pads, glow products, Halloween temporary tattoos, and many other items are great giveaways to put in trick or treater’s bags.  Many of these items you can get custom printed to market your business.  Don’t miss any opportunity to get the word out and keep your business fresh in the minds of your customers.  The great thing about promotional products is that there is an appropriate product to give away for any occasion, any audience, and any campaign.  The choices are virtually limitless.  Ask your promotional products consultant today for ideas to help market your business.