I’d Like an order of mini footballs with a side of stripes


vinyl mini footballs with stripes and without stripesOne of the top associations with back to school is the start of football season. It’s an exciting time of the year because it’s a time of high energy from fans of both opponents. Sometimes the energy is heated but mostly it’s just good, clean fun. It’s the job of the booster club and cheerleaders to harness that energy of the crowd and keep it going. Not only does this make the game more enjoyable to get out there and scream and yell, but it helps to energize the football team. The players thrive from the fans screaming their support.

Stripes for mini footballs

Stripes for mini footballs

So what’s the best item for the cheerleaders to throw into the crowd to get them excited? Well, there are many items that can be thrown to create a frenzy with the crowd. You can throw rolled up t-shirts; however, because of the higher expense you can’t throw too many. If you want an item that you throw in bulk and not break the bank, go with mini footballs. You also have a few choices to personalize the mini footballs such as plastic or vinyl material, multiple football colors and several imprint colors to choose from. Another option to really help your footballs look spiffy is to add stripes. Stripes are actually printed on the mini footballs, so it does add an extra expense, usually only around 25 cents per football. Additionally, with the stripes, choose from either solid stripes, paw print stripes, champs stripes, star stripes, tire tread stripes, and WIN! stripes. Check out the picture to the right to see stock stripes. If you really want to personalize your mini footballs, you can get custom stripes, such as your logo or mascot repeated around the stripes.

It’s extremely important for schools and booster clubs to have spirit items available for sales to raise money for the team. You can sell a lot of these school spirit items and you will see many fans using them to cheer on the team. However, if you really want to see the fans go crazy for spirit items, start throwing out the mini footballs to them and watch how they react. There’s just something that excites them to catch a “FREE” item. Most schools throw out a few mini footballs with each touchdown or field goal scored by their team. Even though football season has started, it’s not too late to buy your mini footballs if you order today! If you need your footballs in a rush, Perfect Imprints can do rush orders!


Plastic Mini Footballs vs. Vinyl Mini Footballs?


Plastic Mini Footballs vs. Vinyl Mini FootballsFootball season is upon us, so the big decision for spirit items is what type of mini football is the best? The fans love to catch mini footballs thrown by the cheerleaders, so this item is a must-purchase spirit item. Whether you buy them out of your general booster club funds or get business sponsors for the footballs, you have to decide which football to buy – Plastic mini footballs or vinyl mini footballs. They both have pros and cons when comparing to the other, so you have to make your choice based on budget, imprint, and the way you are using the footballs. Both are great options for programs ordering large quantities or those with a tight budget. Below are the pros and cons of both types of promotional mini footballs so you can make an informed decision.

Plastic Mini Footballs

  • Smaller than the vinyl mini football – about 6″ in length measuring from one tip around the football to the opposite tip.
  • About 10 cents cheaper than the vinyl mini footballs.
  • Harder than the vinyl mini football.
  • Cheaper to ship than vinyl mini footballs since they are smaller.
  • Plastic mini footballs don’t throw as far or as well as the vinyl mini footballs.
  • Slightly smaller imprint area than the vinyl mini footballs – 2″ W x 1.25″ H.
  • They do have a pebbled surface so detailed imprints may get lost.
  • Never lose shape or air since they are made from molded plastic.

Vinyl Mini Footballs

  • Larger than the plastic mini football – about 7″ in length measuring from one tip around the football to the opposite tip. This varies slightly depending on how much the footballs are inflated.
  • About 10 center more than plastic mini footballs.
  • Softer and less likely to hurt anyone when thrown.
  • More expensive to ship since they are both longer and fatter than the plastic mini footballs.
  • Throw much better and farther since they weigh a little more.
  • Larger imprint area – 2″ W x 1.5″ H.
  • Have a smooth surface on 1 side for better imprinting of smaller details.
  • Vinyl mini footballs will lose air over time, but they can easily be re-inflated with a standard athletic pump and sports ball needle.
  • Have a higher perceived value than plastic mini footballs and therefore, will most likely be kept longer by recipients.

Mini footballs are extremely popular at college, high school, and middle school football games. Both the plastic and vinyl mini footballs are great choices, but sometimes one is more suitable over the other depending on your purpose. Many local businesses are more than willing to pay sponsorship money to have their logo put on the mini footballs, which pays for the footballs and gives the cheerleaders more footballs to throw at games. Throwing out the footballs helps keep the crowd engaged and excited. Everyone loves when they leave the games with a souvenir. Be sure and order mini footballs now for your team before the start of the season to avoid the rush!

Top 5 Classic Spirit Items for Football Season


Spirit items are a vital part of all football games. Never will you go to a football game and NOT see any school spirit items around the stadium. These fun inexpensive products help keep the crowd cheering, yelling, screaming, and supporting their team. You will see typically “shy” people who are yelling and screaming when they are hiding behind a pom pom or behind a pair of thunder sticks. It’s like they are hiding behind the spirit items, which helps the shy fans come ALIVE!

Over the years, there have definitely been quite a few new spirit items introduced; however, there are several classic items that will likely never die. Below is a list of those classic spirit items.

Top 5 Spirit Items for Football Season

  1. Mini Footballs – There is no denying that fans love to catch mini footballs thrown by the cheerleaders. Or do they just like interacting with the cheerleaders?
  2. Pom Poms – The crowd loves to shake their pom poms and cheer for their team with each great play and score! It’s cool to see a big stadium full of cheering pom poms.
  3. Stadium Seat Cushions – Fans love to keep their back-end off of cold bleachers. I’m not sure what it says when they want to put their butt on their team mascot, but it must be all about comfort.
  4. Thunder Sticks – There is no noise like the deafening boom of thundersticks when being used by hundreds or thousands of fans. These are a relatively new spirit items, but have quickly become a fan favorite.
  5. Foam Fingers – Waving an oversized foam finger when cheering is a great spirit items and they are fun. Foam fingers come in a many different sizes, shapes, and colors.

Now there are many more spirit items that have been around for years, but these are the five most common items that are used at football games. And my guess is that you will continue to see these spirit items for years to come.

Get Prepared for Football Season 2011


Well, it’s finally here. The time when all of us College football nuts get so excited. The first games will be starting on September 1, so make sure and get prepared if you run a booster club. High school football as already started for many schools. School spirit items are so important for your school and are the life blood of your team. These spirit items help to encourage your team’s fans to cheer louder and more often than they would do without any spirit items. Plus, these spirit items are excellent ways to raise money for your club. There are many different items to choose from and below is a list of many different items to choose from. Be sure to try something different and have a wide variety of products available for your fans. The more you have to choose from, the more you can sell and keep the fans cheering.

  1. Mini footballs
  2. Thundersticks
  3. Pom Poms
  4. Stadium Horns
  5. Foam Fingers
  6. Schedule Magnets
  7. Stadium Cups
  8. Full Sized Footballs
  9. Autograph Footballs
  10. School T-Shirts
  11. Stadium Seat Cushions
  12. Stadium Blankets

How To Make Money From Football Games With Mini Footballs


I’m not talking about betting here but making money by throwing out mini footballs. Football season is starting this month for many high schools so now is the time to take advantage of this opportunity. Mini footballs typically come in either a 6″ plastic size or a 7″ vinyl size. The vinyl is, of course, softer, and is only a few cents more per ball. The main idea is to have some promotional mini footballs printed with your logo printed on one side of the football and a special offer printed on the 2nd side. You definitely want to put an expiration date on the special offer, so someone doesn’t try to redeem it years later. Here are some ideas and some examples that other businesses have used in the past:

  • Smoothie chain: Bring in this football for a FREE smoothie of your choice.
  • Oil & Lube Shop: Bring in this football and receive an oil change for only $10.
  • Nail Salon: Redeem this football for a FREE manicure.
  • Hair Salon: Bring this football for FREE standard hair cut.
  • Restaurant: Bring this football in for a FREE appetizer.
  • Restaurant: Redeem this ball for Buy 1 Get 1 FREE entree of your choice.
  • Grocery Store: Redeem this football for a FREE Grocery Tote on your next shopping visit.
  • Bar: Bring this in for a FREE draft beer.
  • Convenient Store: Redeem this football for a FREE fountain drink.
  • Bank: Bring in this football and receive a $20 deposit with any new checking account.
  • Print Shop: Redeem this football and receive 100 FREE business cards.
  • Hair Salon: Bring this in to receive $20 off any hair coloring.
  • Restaurant: Redeem this for a FREE kids meal with adult entree purchase.
  • Fitness Center: Redeem this football for a FREE 2 month membership.
  • Massage Therapist: Bring this in for a FREE 10 minute massage.
  • Fast Food Restaurant: Redeem for a FREE small order of fries.
  • Church: Bring this in to learn how to receive FREE eternal salvation.
  • Sandwich Restaurant: Redeem this ball and receive a FREE 6″ sub with any purchase.
  • Car Dealership: Redeem this ball and receive FREE oil changes for 1 year with car purchase.
  • Bank: Redeem this and receive a $500 discount on closing cost for home mortgage.

If you notice the examples above, the majority of the offers have a common theme: FREE. Free gets people in your door. Once they are in, it’s up to you to up sell them or cross sell them. Ideally, they will have a great experience with your business and become a regular customer. Mini footballs are cheap and schools love getting them donated. The cheerleaders will gladly throw the footballs into the crowd each time their team scores. The fans absolutely love catching the footballs and will love it even more when they see the great offer printed on the football. Don’t be afraid to give away products or services for free, just have a plan on what you will do with those customers when they come into your place of business to redeem their coupon. This is a great opportunity to market your business and bring in loads of new faces into your business, so make sure and take advantage of this and make some money!