10 Tips To Make Your Custom T-Shirts Effective Marketing Tools


So I went to a large retail store yesterday and I noticed about 3 out of every 10 people that I saw were wearing screen printed t-shirts. Some of them were shirts for events that had come and gone, some were shirts with just business logos, and some were just trendy designs. These moving billboards take your marketing message and display it all over town. Custom t-shirts are one of the longest kept promotional products that you can buy and give away. Because they are useful they stick around for years. As a matter of fact, I have some screen printed t-shirts that are 5-6 years old that I still wear. Below are a few tips on how to maximize the effective of your custom tshirts. Have you ever been at an event and seen how the crowd reacts if t-shirts are being thrown out into the crowd? They go crazy. That’s because the value of a t-shirt is very high and everybody want them, especially if you have a cool design.

  1. Use good quality t-shirts so they last for a long time.
  2. Get stylish cuts. Unisex tees aren’t always the best way to go even though they are the cheapest in cost.
  3. Make sure you have a great design. The better your design; the more often the recipients will wear them.
  4. Get a professional design, not a Microsoft Word design.
  5. Be sure and promote your business. Display your logo prominently to market your business. If you don’t have a logo, talk to us about logo design.
  6. Utilize the front and the back of the shirts.
  7. Don’t forget about the sleeves. Printing your website down a sleeve really stands out.
  8. Use several colors in the design so the shirts are not dull.
  9. Include your phone number or website somewhere tastefully in the design.
  10. Stay consistent with your branding.
According to a 2008 study done by the Advertising Specialty Institute, t-shirts resulted in a an average of 365 impressions per month. That means that 365 people were exposed to the message on just 1 t-shirt 365 times each month. Therefore, if you paid $7.50 for the t-shirt, that only cost you around $0.02 to advertise to each one of those people. And that’s just in 1 month. Over the course of 1 year, that cost would only be two tenths of a penny to market to each person. And the older the shirt gets, the cheaper each impression actually costs. That’s why it’s important to have a killer design that people will be proud to wear. Make sure you are not missing out on this cheap form of marketing for your business.

The Taboo of Homemade Printed T-Shirts


Occasionaly, I see people wearing t-shirts with their business logo printed on them and it looks like they printed them at home.  Chances are they did.  I’ve actually talked with some small businesses (especially 1 person businesses) and they have told me they do the shirts themselves by printing on a special transfer paper and ironing on the imprint.  Not wanting to rude, but if you want to look professional, please leave that job to the professionals.  The same rule applies if you have a pain in your stomach: Don’t cut open your abdomen with a pocket knife and rip out your spleen.  Leave that to professional too.  T-Shirt printing is an art that takes time to do correctly and it takes some design ability to layout the design in a professional manner that looks good, attracts attention, and does the job in getting the desired information across.  Professionally screen printed t-shirts are more durable and will certainly outlast, look better, and do a better job marketing your business than homemade printed t-shirts.  Let a professional print your shirts and you will see much better results.  Remember that often your logo is often the first impression potential clients see.  If they see junk, what do you think their impression of you will be?

Record High Cotton Prices and Custom T-Shirts


So, cotton is at it’s highest point since the Civil War.  During the Civil War, blockades stopped the flow of cotton from the U.S. to Europe and cotton reached it’s highest price ever.  Now, in 2010, we have no Civil War, but the countries who export the most cotton such as Pakistan and China, have suffered from flooding, export restrictions, among other factors which have driven cotton prices to the current level.  The increase represents an 80% increase over prices from last year.  So the question is, will these higher prices affect prices of custom t-shirts and other logo apparel?

It certainly will.  Almost all major apparel retailers and wholesales have already increased pricing or announced an increase for 2011.  At Perfect Imprints, we intend to try to keep our pricing around the same for the 2011 season.  We have found ways to absorb the increased apparel costs by streamlining our processes and therefore benefit our customers better.  Hopefully in 2011, cotton demands will stabilize and cotton prices will come down.  Logo apparel is among the top selling product in the promotional products industry.  It is essential for any company to have professional attire for employees in order to portray confidence to it’s clients.

Custom T-Shirt Designer Coming Soon


We have an exciting new feature coming to our website.  Right now we are in the early phases of releasing a custom t-shirts designer.  You will be able to completely customize your apparel using either your logo that you would upload and/or our clipart.  You will also be able to add any text in a variety of fonts.  This new feature will make it easy to design, order, share, and see your t-shirt design before you commit to buying.   We will, of course, still offer professional design services for your screen printed t-shirts.