Trendy Tuesday – Venezia Journal


Trendy Tuesday - Promotional Faux Leather Journals

Today’s Trendy Tuesday product is this stylish Venezia journal. A soft faux leather covers the front of the journal making it appear stylish as well as comfortable to hold. The edges of the journal pages are colored in either lime green, navy blue, orange, or red. The bookmark, colored page edges, pen loop, and elastic loop closure all match your chosen accent color.

Faux Leather Journal

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10 Things You Probably Do Not Know About EMS Personnel


National EMS Week - MayWith EMS Week approaching soon in May, I thought it would be fun to share a few interesting things about the EMT’s and paramedics who dedicate their lives to helping others. Unless you are in EMS or married to someone in EMS, you probably never knew these tidbits. Continue reading

Don’t Hurt Your Brand By Using Cheap Online Printing

Before and After Top picture is from a cheap online vendor. Bottom picture is from a professional designer/printer.

Nearly all businesses have and need business cards. Most have flyers or brochures. Some send out postcards or catalogs. These are sales tools that are important to your business and your brand image. That’s why it is extremely important to make sure these printed sales tools are designed effectively and with top quality graphics, material, and printing.

What does it say to a prospect when you hand them a flimsy business card with a poor print quality?

What first impression does a contact get when he sees your brochure that looks like it was designed by an amateur?

These are the types of questions you must think about when designing business literature, including business cards, flyers, brochures, postcards, presentation folders, and catalogs. Your branding must seamlessly extend from offline to online. Brand consistency is key!

Your printed collateral  you leave behind must be designed strategically to hook your prospects. It must stand out. That’s why you must avoid the cheap, online template printing sites.

Don’t Use Cheap Online Printers

Don’t be fooled by the pricing gimmicks of online printers that advertise free or nearly free business cards or brochures. While your price may start off as FREE, once you add options for the upgraded stock, your custom logo, UV gloss, overpriced shipping, etc, your total cost is not much less than it would be from a professional commercial printer. Often, it will even be an even higher cost!

Top 6 Reasons NOT to Use Vistaprint and other CHEAP Printers.

  1. They sell and rent your contact info so you will get plenty of spam and phone calls. Here’s a screen shot of the terms and conditions from Vistaprint. How else do you think they can offer such cheap prices? Be prepared for major spam. I hope that $15 savings is worth it for you!
  2. Our lowest priced card stock is better than their upgraded Premium stock.
  3. If you hand me a business card printed by Vistaprint, 9 times out of 10, I can identify it as a Vistaprint product (and that’s not because it’s high quality).
  4. They are not a USA or Canadian company. They are based out of the Netherlands. At least support a North American company!
  5. All of their designs have the same look. They are amateur designs that thousands of other companies use who don’t care about their company image. Be different and spend a little money for a unique and creative design. 
  6. Their printing is blurry. Their printing is too often not crisp and clean since it is printed at a low resolution.

Your company image is important for your long term success. Don’t cheapen your image by skimping on your printing. By the time you add all of the upgrades (just to upgrade to a typical print quality), your pricing is not much different than a REAL printer. Also, the time you will spend deleting spam, unsubscribing from unsolicited emails, and fielding telemarketers, you will wish you headed this advice.

Perfect Imprints offers professional graphic design and full color printing. We have veteran, in-house designers that strive to keep your branding consistent and professional across all marketing mediums. 

Thrifty Thursday – Barrel Duffel Bag


Thrifty Thursday - Duffel Bag for EMS Week

Promotional Barrel Duffel Bag

These promotional duffel bags are useful for a variety of things including the gym or overnight business trips. These bags would be a great item for EMS week in May. This duffel bag includes a large zippered main compartment and an open side pocket.

Custom Printed Duffel Bags

Recycled Pen Stylus Features

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Trendy Tuesday – Tritan Water Bottles


Trendy Tuesday - Popular Tritan Water Bottles with Your Logo

Trendy Tuesday gives you a glimpse of some of the most popular and trending products in the promotional products industry. These 17 oz Tritan water bottles are certainly popular giveaways. They are made of BPA-Free Tritan material and have a sleek, sophisticated design. Not only do they look great, but they also have a great price!

The Curve Tritan Water Bottles - Trendy Tuesday

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Using Promotional Products to Strengthen Your Brand


Use promotional products to strengthen brand valueYour brand image is vital to the success of your business. A common misconception with small business owners is that only big businesses need a brand image. The truth is EVERY business IS a brand. Your business name is your brand. Now, the challenge is creating a compelling brand in the eyes of your customers and prospects.

One extremely effective way to promote and strengthen your brand is through the use of promotional products. These marketing items have been used to promote companies for decades and the industry is bigger than ever, topping $19 billion in 2014.

Do you honestly think businesses spent a combined $20 billion for something that doesn’t work? Not a chance.

However, you must be strategic in the promotional products that you choose. You must choose useful items and the more unique, the better. You don’t always have to choose items that are related to your business, but doing this frequently will strengthen your brand from the recipients’ perspective.

Psychology Behind Giving Out Branded Products

When you gift an item to a person, whether a customer or not, you create a situation of instant gratitude. That recipient intrinsically feels a deeper connection to your company. It’s true that person may not need your services right then, but when they do, you can bet they will remember you.

Loyalty is typically gained through several successful transactions between your business and a customer; however, just with the simple act of giving, you have laid the groundwork for future loyalty. After that, it’s your job to grow that loyalty through amazing service and added value.

Thanking Your Top Clients With Promotional Products

Every business has top clients that spend a lot of money with them. They obviously are happy with your service since they keep coming back to you. However, simple thank you gifts are excellent ways to strengthen that relationship thus strengthening your brand. Choose premium promotional items that are worthy of saying “thank you.” This isn’t the time to go cheap or you will risk insulting your top spending clients. Your gifts will be highly appreciated and each time they use the item, your brand is further solidified in their minds.

Promotional Products As Door Prizes

I attend a lot of networking events through my local chamber of commerce and one of the biggest marketing mistakes I see is the choice of door prizes given away by businesses. Many of these networking events have hundreds of business owners and professionals in attendance. Businesses can give away door prizes at these events as way of being recognized in front of the entire audience.

Too often, though, I see businesses give away non-branded items as their door prizes. Giveaways such as gift cards, cash, or other gifts that lack their own company logo. These type of gifts are won by the recipient who then promptly forgets who gave them the gift. However, imagine if you gave a useful item with your company logo on it. Then, the recipient sees your brand every time they look at the product.

Give Out Promotional Products Just Because

I very frequently give out promos to those I come in to contact with at meetings, networking events, customer visits, etc. I don’t wait for big events or big sales. Actually, people I come in contact with have come to expect these giveaways. They get excited to see me coming due to their own curiosity about the promos I might have for them that day!

This investment in these branded products has created a loyal customer base that helps sustain and grow my business year after year.

Be generous and you will create loyalty. Be creative and you will be remembered. Be strategic with your promotional products and you will strengthen your brand to build a rock solid business.

Thrifty Thursday – Duo Recycled Pen Stylus


Thrifty Thursday - Recycled Pens for Earth Day

Promotional Recycled Pen and Stylus

With Earth day coming up, our Thrifty Thursday featured product is this Recycled Pen Stylus. This recycled pen stylus goes from a stylus for your tablet or phone, to a working pen to jot down notes. The stylus works on nearly any touchscreen electronic device. The barrel of the pen is 100% recycled. The plastic accents of the pen are made of 98% recycled material.

Recycled Pen Stylus

Recycled Pen Stylus Features

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