EmeraldCoastHUB.com by Perfect Imprints


Emerald Coast HUB is a new project by Perfect Imprints. It is a complete information source for the Emerald Coast of Florida, covering Okaloosa, Walton, and Santa Rosa Counties. This business directory contains information such as real estate listings from local realtors from Destin, Fort Walton Beach, Santa Rosa Beach, Navarre Beach, Crestivew, and Niceville, FL. Check out the Emerald Coast homes online for yourself.

The site also has photos of the Emerald Coast. The pictures are searchable and contain images from the beautiful beaches, area events, businesses, and wildlife. Check out some of the Destin Pictures.

Another great feature of EmeraldCoastHUB.com is the area calendar. This calendar is full of things to do around the Emerald Coast including Destin events, Fort Walton Beach, and the surrounding Emerald Coast of Florida.

Maybe you are just looking for Destin condos or hotels. If so, EmeraldCoastHUB.com has a complete listing of all hotels, motels, and condos on the Emerald Coast.

No vacation is complete without great restaurants and EmeraldCoastHUB.com also has a complete listings of all Destin restaurants as well. Look for full, high quality menus and specials too.

EmeraldCoastHUB.com is the fastest growing business directory on the Emerald Coast and is the most comprehensive information source about the area. Whether you are looking for hotels, condos, restaurants, real estate listings online, photos, or an area calendar of events, this website has you covered. Check back often to see new specials by area businesses.

Does Your Website Represent Your Brand Well?


Branding is an important and really simplistic process for businesses. A common misconception that many business owners have is that branding is only important for large companies. However, that is HUGE misconception. Proper branding is important even for one man (or woman) businesses. Consistent branding should happen across all advertising and marketing avenues.  One common scenario that I run across with clients, particularly with small businesses, is that their website has a completely different look and feel from their actual business and much different than their printed marketing items.

Your website should stay consistent with your company colors, you logo, and your mission and vision of your business. When potential clients go to your website, they should never even doubt if they are on the right website. Your site should be neat, organized, full of information, and have visible contact information.

Many small business owners believe that a website is unimportant since they are not doing e-commerce. Consumers are hungry for information and they want it when they want it. If that happens to be at 11:00 at night, they don’t want to wait to get that information until business hours the next day. That’s why having a website is crucial. Let me ask this question, “Have you noticed the size comparison of your current local Yellow Pages printed directory from just 1 or 2 years ago?” I know my local directory is nearly half the size than last year’s edition. That’s because people aren’t using the Yellow Page books any more. They just go to Google and type in the product or service they are looking for and their city. This is why it is imperative for all businesses to have a great website.

Perfect Imprints understands the importance of a professional and functional website that is search engine friendly to help you rank high on search engines. Give us a call at 1-800-773-9472 and get your website started today. If you just want a redesign, we can do that as well, but don’t wait. If you do, you are missing many new clients who are searching online every day.