St Patrick’s Day History


St Patrick's Day History and Irish BlessingSt Patrick's Day comes and goes each year on the 17th of March. In the U.S. this celebration has become more a a "party" celebration rather than a day honoring the patron saint from which the holiday was named. How well do you know your St. Patrick's Day history? Read on to find out more!

St. Patrick's Day has been celebrated for over 1000 years and has spread to countries all over the world. While it's no secret that the Irish love to…

Cold Weather Promo Ideas


Cold Weather Promotional Items Great for this Cold WinterWith the recent record low temperatures in the South and extreme cold all around the U.S., it makes sense to give away promotional items that are geared for the cold, winter season. When giving out promos, you should always (with a few exceptions) give out a useful product in order to get the most bang for your buck. If they use the product over and over, they will keep your company at the top of their minds each time they use the gift. Below are a few ideas for cold weather promotional items:

Spring Break Promotional Items


Spring Break Promotional ItemsAlthough Christmas is still a week away, any good business is always planning 3-6 months ahead of time and thinking about their upcoming big seasons. For many tourist based businesses in a beach town, Spring Break can be a booming time for business. However, if you don't plan ahead, it could be a huge bust. Just a few of the questions you have to ask yourself is, "How am I going to promote my business to get more customers?" and "Once I get those new customers, how am I going to retain them for repeat business?" These questions apply to many different businesses including hotels, condos, restaurants, retail shops, and entertainment venues. Below are some ideas for spring break promotional items to help you to promote your business if you are located in a beach town!

Using Holidays to Promote Your Business


Promotional Item Ideas for every holidaySmart businesses that are successful leverage the holidays to market their business. No the question for you is, "Are you smart?" If you aren't using the holidays to push specific products and changing up your advertising to go along with the holiday season, then the answer to that question for you is a big fat NO! When I mention holidays, I don't mean just Thanksgiving and Christmas. There are holidays, observances, and celebrations every month in the U.S. that you can use to help you grow your business! Check out our holiday marketing ideas and promotional giveaway ideas for each holiday below!

Last Minute 24 Hour Rush Custom Christmas Ornaments


Rush Order Custom Christmas OrnamentsDo you need custom Christmas ornaments in a rush? Maybe you dropped the ball and just forgot to order earlier? Maybe your boss dropped the task in your lap this morning? Maybe you just decided last minute that you want personalized ornaments for your company this Christmas! Whatever the reason, we can still help you! For a VERY limited time, we can still get ornaments for you before Christmas. The 3 popular ornaments below are eligible for 24 HOUR RUSH SERVICE!

Custom Christmas Ornament Design Ideas


10 Design Ideas for Custom Christmas OrnamentsChristmas is just a few weeks away, but it's not too late to get  your custom Christmas ornaments! If you are in a time crunch and can't think of any design ideas for your custom ornaments, here are ten design ideas to quickly choose from and we can personalized each one with your logo or business name.