BCS National Championship Game 2014


Mini FootballsThe day is near. January 6, 2014. The Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California. No. 1 Florida State will battle No. 2 Auburn for the BCS National Championship. This day will be full of parties, smack talk, office pools, and excitement. This one day will give the fans of the winning team bragging right for entire year. For your college football bowl game parties and events, make sure you have some great giveaways such as mini footballs and

Custom Stadium Seat Cushions


Custom Stadium Seat CushionsAs we enter the cold, winter season, the soccer season also begins. At many schools, the soccer programs have been practicing for the past few months already. Soccer is one of those sports in the United States that gets a much smaller budget than football, baseball, or basketball at most schools. Many schools have absolutely no budget for soccer teams, leaving the burden 100% on the booster club to raise funds for the team to buy new uniforms, soccer balls, goals, nets for the goals, paint for the field lines, and maintenance for the grass field. Therefore, sponsors, admission prices for the games, concessions, and soccer spirit items make up that lack of budget. The best fundraising spirit items for soccer games are custom stadium seat cushions.

Basketball Spirit Items


Mini Basketballs and Basketball Spirit ItemsNCAA Men's Basketball is underway and many teams are already fighting their way for a spot for the big dance in March. The early games are extremely important to win to keep a good record for consideration for the NCAA tournament! Players on any team thrive on the support of their fans. That's why basketball spirit items are so important!

Some of the most popular spirit items for basketball include…

Full Color Mini Footballs


Full Color Mini FootballsIt's that time of year! Many of the big conference NCAA football games are coming up with the BCS Championship right around the corner. Also right around the corner is Super Bowl XLVIII at the beginning of February. During this exciting time of  year, it is common to see kids of all ages throwing a football around the yard and at the stadium during games. The footballs seen at the stadium are most likely either bought from the booster club or possibly from the fan catching a football that a cheerleader through after a score or during halftime. 

Most of the mini footballs that are thrown out at the games by the cheerleaders are…

Super Bowl 2014 XLVIII


Mini footballs for Super Bowl XLVIII (2014) parties and celebrationsWhen is the 2014 Super Bowl? Super Bowl XLVIII will be held on February 2, 2014 at MetLife Stadium in New York in an open-air stadium for the first time. Super Sunday is a great time for parties and get-togethers. It's also a big time for businesses to have big sales prior to the big game. Mini footballs can be used to help with your marketing campaign. Giving away these promos ahead of time not only gives your event some pre-advertising, but also gives the recipients something to toss around during the game to release their pent-up energy and excitement. It's no secret that boys and men alike are hyped up during the game and often throw around footballs, so why not have them throwing around footballs with your business name and logo?

November Promotions


November Promotional IdeasIt's November, so hopefully you have already put a plan into action to finish the fourth quarter with a bang! If not, it's not too late. There are plenty of opportunities with all of the upcoming holidays and celebrations coming up, such as Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Years Eve/Day. Here are a few ideas on how to promote your business during the last few months of the year.

As we enter November, we also…