Listen to Your Mama and Buy These Promotional Items

10 things your Mom used to say to you when you were a child

Moms. They have a maternal instinct that most Dads simply don't have when it comes to taking care of their children. You most likely remember so many lessons your Mom taught you. In fact, there are probably quite a few phrases your Mother repeated over and over while raising you.

Below, we've compiled the top 10 things Moms said to their kids in the 80's and 90's. We've also included corresponding promotional items to go along with them. This shows that you should listen to your Mama and buy these promotional products.  Continue reading

5 Great Summertime Promotional Products for Any Business

When you think of summertime a few things probably come to mind; sunshine, swimming, family picnics, and vacations to the beach. Summer is the perfect time to relax and enjoy all those things but it is also the perfect time to kick your marketing into high gear! Most businesses have a set of "go-to" marketing and promotional items to help attract all those summer shoppers, but if you are struggling to find ideas, we are here to help. We have compiled a list of 5 amazing promotional products that can be used by ANY business, from a hair salon to a mechanic shop, and every business in between. These products all have one thing in common, they are useful to most people! Continue reading

12 Nearly Factual “Facts” About Halloween

Facts about Halloween - Buy Custom Halloween Trick or Treat Bags

Halloween is one of the most exciting holidays in the U.S. for many children and adults. Some people love to be scared. Some indulge in way too much candy. Some prefer the adult costume parties. Whether you like any combination of the aforementioned activities or all of them, Halloween is consistently rated as the holiday offering the most fun.

Because of so many Americans are so vested in Halloween, this makes it a great opportunity to piggyback on this popular holiday to help boost your business sales. If you aren't convinced yet, check out these insane facts below about Halloween. Okay, so maybe they're not all facts, but they are pretty darn close.  Continue reading

Create Trade Show Stopportunities Using Promotional Items

Create a Trade Show Stopportunity - Get more action at your boothWe've all been to the large trade shows with what seems like miles and miles of booths. So many of the trade show booths seem to be the same thing. Over and over again.

Did I just go down this aisle? Am I experiencing Déjà vu?

The answer to both questions is probably NO. The truth is so many exhibiting companies fail to create the right Stopportunity.

According to Urban Dictionary, stopportunity is defined as, Continue reading

The Declaration of Independence – 4 Minute Read

The sad truth is most Americans have never read the Declaration of Independence.

It is only a 4-minute read. You can do it. You should do it. It's your patriotic duty to read it and understand how your freedom evolved. Please read it.

Once you read it, please share this page to encourage other Americans to read the Declaration of Independence.

Declaration of Independence - Independence Day - July 4th

The Declaration of Independence


The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America

Continue reading

Product Review – The Rebel Inverse Operation Umbrella

In their 300+ year history, the umbrella has helped keep our heads dry, advertise for us, and has even become a fashion accessory. The umbrella has a rather simple design that is easy to operate and manufacture. Maybe that is why it has remained relatively unchanged in 300+ years. Breaking it down, there are 4 basic types of umbrellas with which most of us are familiar. Continue reading