March Madness Promotional Ideas – Mini Basketballs


Mini BasketballsAs the college basketball season approaches its last month of play during March Madness, businesses also look for ways to end the first quarter of 2013 with big sales. March Madness is the most exciting time of year for college basketball. This time provides excellent opportunities to promote your business and increase your sales. Here are a few ideas of how to use March Madness as a way to promote your business.

Logo Umbrellas for Winter Giveaways


Logo Umbrellas

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In the United States and the entire northern hemisphere, the winter solstice, or more commonly known as the first day of winter, is on Friday, December 21, 2012.  With the winter season, also comes rain, sleet, and snow, which gives you a great opportunity to give out promotional products that are extremely useful to your customers and really win them over.

Whenever you give out promos, your main goal should be giving out products that your clientele can actually use. Therefore, your clients will use the product more and market your business by displaying your logo to those people they come in contact with on a daily basis. Imagine having your company logo displayed by hundreds of people while they walk down a busy street. That’s exactly what can happen if you give away logo umbrellas. Umbrellas with your custom logo printed on them have several marketing advantages as listed below:

  • Umbrellas have a high perceived value by the recipient. If you bought an umbrella from a retail store, you would pay upwards of $20 or more for a “good” umbrella. Therefore, receiving a FREE umbrella is very well received.
  • There is a large imprint area on umbrellas. This increases the visibility of your company for others to see and exposes your business to hundreds or even thousands of other people each time the umbrella is pulled out. Now multiply that visibility by the number of custom umbrellas that you give out!
  • Umbrellas will be kept for years and never thrown away until it worn out and unusable. These promos aren’t like a cheap pen that is used once or twice and then lost or thrown out.
  • It’s very handy to have an umbrella stashed in your car or for outdoor events when rain is a threat. Your clients will appreciate the gift and will be much more receptive to your company. Research has shown that recipients of useful promotional items are much more likely to do business with that company again. I relate it to Christmas. If friends or even acquaintances give you a gift, you feel much more obliged to reciprocate with a gift. With clients, their gift is to continue doing business with your company by shopping in your store or using your services.

Promotional Umbrella Sales (Valid through 12/31/12)

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Other Rainy Season Promotional Ideas


Funeral Home Promotional Ideas


Religious Hand FansAfter just attending the funeral of my dear Grandmother, I saw first hand that the biggest duty of the funeral home staff is to comfort the family. The style and direction of that comfort largely depends on the overall faith and religious views of the family. If they are of a Christian religion, the funeral service is highly focused on Jesus and the comfort in knowing that the family will see their loved one again some day. These reminders of life after death can be given through means other than words though. They can be shown through promotional items promoting traditional religious beliefs. Here are just a few funeral home promotional ideas that funeral homes can give away to their clients that center their life around Christianity:

  1. Religious Hand Fans – Religious themed hand fans can be a subtle reminder that they will see their loved one again. Church hand fans with pictures of Jesus or other religious scenery or Bible verses can provide comfort to the family left behind. Also, the hand fans really come in handy at the graveside service during the hot months.
  2. Church Calendars – Calendars can be given away to family members and provide comfort all year through calming spiritual pictures and Bible verses.
  3. Religious Coloring Books  - Visitations and funerals can require family members to be at the funeral homes sometimes several hours before the official visitation time starts and the hours can be long for small children. Providing religious themed coloring books can be a great item to offer children as well as help them to learn more about Christianity.
  4. Custom Printed Tissue Boxes – With the death of a loved one, tears are a natural part of the process and much tissue is needed. Branding tissue boxes which are found all around the funeral home can be a great way to provided a necessary product while reinforcing your branding.

Now, there are many other religious themed promotional items, but these above are just a few examples that can be provided to the families which can provide comfort. The funeral home business can be a competitive business so properly marketing yourself is extremely important and one of the best ways to market yourself is to provide branded items that are both comforting and useful to your clients.

Make Some Noise with Thundersticks

Thunder Sticks


I recently attended a football game at one of our local area schools and although there were moments that the crowd was excited, it was very short lived. Overall, the crowd was subdued and very quiet. Then looking around, I noticed that there were very few spirit items. I did see a few megaphones filled with popcorn that were sold at the concession stand, but nothing else. The other thing I noticed was how hard the metal bleachers were and yet the booster club was not selling stadium seat cushions.

Without school spirit items, the crowd is less likely to scream and yell for extended periods of time. It’s almost as if the fans come out of their shell when hiding behind pom poms or thundersticks. Stadium noisemakers is what that school needed to really get the crowd involved. Thundersticks are some of the most popular noise makers of modern-day football. Additionally, they are great for fundraising because there is a huge imprint area to advertise sponsors who have donated money to buy the thundersticks. Then, the items can be sold for $2-$3 per pair. After the sticks are inflated, you simply bang them together to produce a loud noise. When you get a stadium filled with hundreds of thundersticks, it can get very loud. Stadium horns are also a popular noisemaker for the stadium and are also another great spirit item for fundraising.

Football Shaped Stadium Seat Cushions

The biggest fundraiser of all for spirit items, though, is the stadium seat cushion. You can print up 16-20 different sponsor names and logos on one side of the stadium seat cushions and the school mascot and name on the other side, after charging each business a set amount of money for the sponsorship. Overall, the budget should work out so the school pays nothing for the seat cushions, but then turns around and sells the cushions for $5-$10 each making 100% profit. I can promise you that after sitting on those cold, hard, and sometimes wet bleachers for one game, $10 for a stadium seat cushions sounds like a bargain.

Be sure your school is equipped with plenty of options for school spirit items for not only fundraising, but also to keep the crowd happy and comfortable.

I’d Like an order of mini footballs with a side of stripes


vinyl mini footballs with stripes and without stripesOne of the top associations with back to school is the start of football season. It’s an exciting time of the year because it’s a time of high energy from fans of both opponents. Sometimes the energy is heated but mostly it’s just good, clean fun. It’s the job of the booster club and cheerleaders to harness that energy of the crowd and keep it going. Not only does this make the game more enjoyable to get out there and scream and yell, but it helps to energize the football team. The players thrive from the fans screaming their support.

Stripes for mini footballs

Stripes for mini footballs

So what’s the best item for the cheerleaders to throw into the crowd to get them excited? Well, there are many items that can be thrown to create a frenzy with the crowd. You can throw rolled up t-shirts; however, because of the higher expense you can’t throw too many. If you want an item that you throw in bulk and not break the bank, go with mini footballs. You also have a few choices to personalize the mini footballs such as plastic or vinyl material, multiple football colors and several imprint colors to choose from. Another option to really help your footballs look spiffy is to add stripes. Stripes are actually printed on the mini footballs, so it does add an extra expense, usually only around 25 cents per football. Additionally, with the stripes, choose from either solid stripes, paw print stripes, champs stripes, star stripes, tire tread stripes, and WIN! stripes. Check out the picture to the right to see stock stripes. If you really want to personalize your mini footballs, you can get custom stripes, such as your logo or mascot repeated around the stripes.

It’s extremely important for schools and booster clubs to have spirit items available for sales to raise money for the team. You can sell a lot of these school spirit items and you will see many fans using them to cheer on the team. However, if you really want to see the fans go crazy for spirit items, start throwing out the mini footballs to them and watch how they react. There’s just something that excites them to catch a “FREE” item. Most schools throw out a few mini footballs with each touchdown or field goal scored by their team. Even though football season has started, it’s not too late to buy your mini footballs if you order today! If you need your footballs in a rush, Perfect Imprints can do rush orders!


No More Cold Calls, Wow Your Clients With Promotional Products


Promotional CoolersIf you have been in sales for even a week, you know about the dreaded gatekeeper. That is the person that screens phone calls and visitors from the management and the “decision makers.” All sales people know that you don’t waste time trying to sell to the secretary or random employees. You have to get to that person who is authorized to make the decision. Now sometimes that might be the secretary or it might be an employee who has been tasked with that duty. You have to ask to find out who makes those decisions, if you don’t already know.

The first answer that you almost always get on a cold cold when asking to speak to that decision maker is, “Do you have an appointment?” or “What is this in regards to?” or “Does he know you?” or some other similar screening question. When you don’t have an appointment or he doesn’t know you, then the standard response is a rejection.

But what if you wooed that gatekeeper from the start by giving him or her a gift? I’m not talking about a cheap pen or a koozie, but a nice gift such as a can cooler or a nice bag? There are thousands of great and useful promotional products to choose for this task. By starting off the conversation with a gift before even introducing yourself, you will be successful much more often in getting through that gatekeeper to that almighty decision maker.

This warming effect of gifts also works with clients as well. I recently met with a client and started off the meeting with handing out gifts to each person in attendance. Those gifts were custom cooler bags printed with the logo of one of our online advertising services, Emerald Coast HUB. The mood instantly changed to a warmer environment and that opened up the client to listen more attentively and respect my advice more. In addition, having some nice promotional gifts with your business logo on them adds a level of professionalism to your company. In the course of everyday business, we run across many different “businesses.” Some of these businesses are one man operations and “fly by night operations.” Professionally printed promotional items help to separate your legitimate business from those just trying to make a quick buck. If you make it a no-brainer for them to discern you from those “shady” businesses, you will instantly get credibility and be more apt to earn that order.

Good luck with your selling and don’t forget to bring plenty of gifts!