Top 10 Buyers of Promotional Products


In 2013, advertisers spent more than $19 billion on promotional products to promote their events, businesses, and organizations. Have you ever thought about how much much a billion dollars really is? Well, here are a few visualizations. 

Paul McCartney Demonstrates the Power of Promotional Items


Paul McCartney Tries to Catch a Promotional T-ShirtMany successful business have a firm understanding of the power of promotional products. However, there are many other businesses that don't truly grasp the real power of this advertising medium. To clearly show their full potentional, take a look at this quick 15 second video of Paul McCartney trying to catch a free custom t-shirt at an NBA game back in December. Obviously, this former Beatles member, has enough money to buy an entire screen printing t-shirt shop and shirt manufacturing facility, but he was still thoroughly disappointed about not getting this free promo!

PPAI Code of Conduct


PPAI Code of ConductPerfect Imprints has proudly adopted the PPAI Code of Conduct as of 10/10/2013. Most responsible companies either adopt a code of conduct from one of their industry associations or create their own. We realize that several questions must arise from our clients as a result of this statement. Hopefully this will answer your questions.

Bagteria – 20 Percent of Women’s Purses Contain More Bacteria Than A Toilet


Promotional Purse Hook Table HoldersBagteria (bᾰg-tēr-ē-a) Noun: A recent study in the UK showed that 20% of women's handbags contain more bacteria than the average toilet. The bacteria found included fecal bacteria, e. coli.


Conditions in the US and the UK are similar, so it stands to reason that purses and handbags in the US are…

Full Color Mini Footballs


Full Color Mini FootballsIt's that time of year! Many of the big conference NCAA football games are coming up with the BCS Championship right around the corner. Also right around the corner is Super Bowl XLVIII at the beginning of February. During this exciting time of  year, it is common to see kids of all ages throwing a football around the yard and at the stadium during games. The footballs seen at the stadium are most likely either bought from the booster club or possibly from the fan catching a football that a cheerleader through after a score or during halftime. 

Most of the mini footballs that are thrown out at the games by the cheerleaders are…

Pantone Color of Spring 2014


Each year color trends, which affects the majority of consumer purchases. These color trends include fashion, furniture, automobiles, website colors, and even promotional items. Pantone LLC is a system of color matching that many industry professional in the printing business use to ensure uniform colors from print to print. This company also comes out with the top colors of the year. Below are the top colors for the Spring of 2014 according to many of the leading fashion designers.

Pantone Colors Spring 2014
Photo Courtesy of Pantone LLC