What is the Most Stolen Item From All Businesses?


promotional pensOut of the thousands of business types in the world, we all have at least 1 thing in common. We all have one product that is stolen more than any other from each of our businesses. This holds true from plumbers to retail stores to banks to restaurants and any other businesses who deal face to face with customers.  This Klepto-friendly item is a simple pen. How many times have on of your clients needed to sign a credit card receipt or work order and you handed them a pen and then they walked off with it. Then you don’t realize it until they are gone. It happens all the time and I’m sure that you even walked off with someone’s pen before. I know I have several times. I actually ended up with a really nice high dollar one time from “accidentally” walking off with it. No really it was accidental.

So, since this act of kleptomania happens so often, why would you buy blank pens from an office supply store for this? Why not buy promotional pens so that people are walking away with a marketing piece with your contact info? I have clients that have bought pens and those pens end up in some odd places all over town. I have seen some of my client’s pens at gas stations and restaurants even though they never gave any pens to them. But, likely an employee snagged a pen, brought it to work and left it there or a previous recipient signed their credit card slip and left their pen there. It’s cheap advertising. Your pens end up all over town with your business name and phone number. Pens are still the most used promotional product that you can buy.

I would warn you, though, to not buy pens that are too cheap. Buy a pen that has a good feel and writes well. If you do this, people will keep them. I get promotional pens given to me all the time and I’m quick to throw them away to reduce clutter if it is too cheap of a pen. I want a pen that works and not one that skips or one that is too lightweight or not one that even looks cheap.

If you have pens in your office supplies budget anyway, why not spend a little more money and get pens that work well and actually market your business. Promotional pens get around the block a few times and are a great inexpensive investment. By doing this, the money spent no longer is an expense, but it becomes an investment.

Can I Borrow Someone’s Back?


The other day I had to go by the water and sewer department to fill out an application to have my payments auto drafted from my account. When I arrived, they gave me a form and a pen and told me to come back to the window with the completed form. So I start looking around the waiting area for a hard surface to write on and there’s nothing. Not a desk, not a table, not even someone’s back. This is a prime example of someone who needs custom clipboards. Clipboards can be personalized with your custom imprint on the front of the board, the back of the board, and even on the clip for some styles. Some of our clipboards can be printed with a vibrant full color imprint. You can can even get customized clipboards with a dry erase finish so you can write directly on the board with a dry erase marker. There are many uses for personalized clipboards, especially for waiting rooms with no hard surfaces to write on. So if you require customers to fill out forms, please give them a clipboard to do so. Below are a few of our most common clipboards that can be printed with your logo.

Custom Printed Clipboard

Custom Clipboard  Custom Memo Sized Clipboards



What Day Is It?

promotional-calendarsAs a busy Mom I sometimes don’t know what day it is. Now, I know this sounds odd but it happens. Is today Tuesday the 2nd or Tuesday the 3rd or Wednesday the 2nd? I have been known to get the day of the week correct but pair it with a completely wrong date. I have even been an entire week off on the date…I knew it was Tuesday but had Wednesday’s date with it. I have recently discovered I am not the only mom to do this. Let’s face it, you get busy and the days, weeks, months get away from you. While sitting at a ballet class a few weeks ago I was in the midst of a lively discussion about the date and all 3 mothers had 3 different answers. We all began digging through our purses but because none of us carry a check book anymore with the handy little calendar on the back, we were lost. It would have been nice to have a small calendar in a car or one of the massive purses we carry, but there just didn’t seem to be one. I for one shy away from using the calendar on my cell phone as it is too complicated to use and I lack the required PhD.
Promotional calendars are inexpensive advertising for your business that come in several different types. You can put your logo on large wall size calendars as well small stick calendars. Magnet style custom calendars are another inexpensive way to advertise your business throughout the year. The new year is not far away. It’s past time to start thinking about advertising and making 2011 the best year yet for your business.

USB Flash Drive Bracelet


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Here is a cool product that can be useful for seminars, conferences, and employees.  These bracelets are actually USB flash drives that can store digital data such as forms, handouts, manuals, ebooks, photos, product information, or any other documents you would like.  It is always great to give out unique items that are different from the standard pens, koozies, and key chains that everybody gives out.  The Bracelet USB flash drives come in several different storage sizes such as 256mb, 512 mb, 1gb, 2gb, 4gb, 8gb, and 16gb.  These are also great items to sell to students in school bookstores.

USB Flash Drive Bracelet

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The Greenest Promotional Item of Them All


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Maybe, just maybe, the greenest promotional item of them all is an item is not made of 100% recycled material, but yet an item that has the power to save hundreds or thousands of trees.  The promotional items that I am referring to are custom USB flash drives.  It is estimated that a 1GB USB flash drive can hold enough documents that would be equivalent to 50 trees.  Each time that memory is reused, the number of trees saved multiplies.  You can purchase the USB drives pre-loaded with your custom data and save thousands of dollars in printing and binding costs.  Gone are the days of giving out a 100 page printed and bound policy and procedure manual.  Here are some great ideas for corporate use of custom USB drives:

  1. Give out USB Flash Drives to your employees with all required company policy and procedure manuals and any necessary forms your employees may need such as incident report forms, accident report forms, change of address forms,and any other forms that may be needed in the future.
  2. Give out USB Flash Drives to your clients with your digital version of your product catalog.
  3. Give out USB Flash Drives to your clients with your PowerPoint presentation to help pitch a product or service.
  4. Give out USB Flash Drives to your clients with a link to your website that automatically opens when the USB flash drive is inserted into their USB drive.
  5. Give out USB Flash Drives to your clients or employees with a program that will auto-run when the drive is connected to their computer.
  6. Give out USB Flash Drives with any other custom data pre-loaded on the drives such as music, pictures, programs, or documents.

Your custom data can be pre-loaded on the USB Flash Drives at a minimal cost.  The prices on custom flash drives are much lower than they were just a few years ago.  Why spend thousands of dollars printing a catalog when you can Go Green and hand out your catalog on a USB drive.  Because a USB flash drive has a high perceived value and is useful, your catalog will be kept by the recipients long after your competitors catalogs will be thrown away.

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Personalized Mesh Backpacks to Promote School Safety


With all of the school shooting that have happened, many school have set rules regarding student backpacks, such as mandating see through mesh backpacks.  Why not personalized these mesh backpacks with the school name and sell them for a fundraiser?  This is exactly what many PTO organizations are doing.  Not only are these mesh backpacks safer since you can see the contents inside the backpack, but they are stylish.  Choose from a promotional mesh drawstring bag or a sturdier mesh drawstring bag.  If you want a heavier duty mesh backpack for high schoolers, choose the Heavy Duty Personalized Mesh Backpack.  Also, these mesh backpacks are great bags for the beach, pool, or sports events.  Promotional bags are excellent to use as corporate gifts
Promotional Mesh Drawstring Bag Drawstring Mesh Backpack Personalized Mesh Backpack