Give Away Promotional Products That Suck


I could put together a really long list of products that suck so bad that I would never recommend or sell them. However, there are some products that suck that can be great. Promotional vacuum cleaners can be given away as promotional products and are great for vacuum centers, car detailers, or computer repair shops. These products suck up the dirt and dust but they don’t suck.

USB Keyboard VacuumThink about how nasty your keyboard gets. I’m not even talking about germs from your hands. I’m talking about dust. It is constantly collecting dust and it’s very hard to clean the dust out. Sure, you can use a can of compressed air and blow the dust off; however, that just irritates your allergies and pushes the dust down inside the keyboard. A USB powered mini vacuum would be a great little giveaway to top clients of a computer repair company. This item would be very useful and, therefore, be kept for years.

Car VacuumThose businesses who detail cars have clients who spend a lot of money every month or sometimes even every week having their cars detailed. A little DC powered car vacuum could be a great thank you gift for those clients to help with those accidents in between cleanings. These items have a very high perceived value and they will be used for years and years, which will continually promote your business. These useful gifts also help promote a positive memory about your company.

So sometimes a product that sucks can be a good thing. Perfect Imprints is your one supply for products that don’t suck and promotional vacuums, which by chance do suck!

Marketing Like A Drug Dealer


Marketing is a tough gig when there are thousands of competitors online and sometimes dozens of local competitors to contend with in your marketplace. You have to stand out from your competitors. Your product and service has to be so good that people want to come back over and over. However, you have to entice them to initially come to you and then get them hooked. Then you have a loyal client for years to come as long as you provide a quality product or service. It sounds a little like a drug dealer, doesn’t it?

Marketing Like A Drug DealerWell, that’s okay as long as you’re not offering drugs. One other thing a drug dealer does is to let others sample their “product.” They are banking on their product being so good that the person will be back with money the next time. Transfer this practice over to legitimate business practice and you have coupons or free samples. Let’s take an ice cream shop, for instance. Most ice cream shops have little taster spoons which they will scoop a sample of a flavor for you to try before you buy. Once you taste it, you are hooked and you fork over the cash. Restaurants are prime businesses for this practice. Offer coupons for a free appetizer and watch how people come with their whole family or a group of friends. There’s a pretty high probability that these patrons will be buying other items such as drinks, entrees, desserts, or other appetizers. Therefore, your “free” coupon actually yielded a paying customer or most often customers. Another common occurrence would be free wine tasting by wine shops or wineries. You try; you like; you buy. What a simple concept. Spend a little on free giveaways and make a bundle on new purchases.

Give your business a long hard thought about what you can offer for free that will not only attract new clients, but will also spur further or future purchases. Something about your business has that ability to hook people. For Perfect Imprints, it is our graphic design. We have an unrivaled graphics department that can design anything from t-shirts to business cards to billboards. We offer 30 minutes of free graphic design with any purchase of promotional products for all online orders. This is often needed to convert logos over to a print ready format.

So go ahead and be like a dealer and watch your business grow. You won’t have to be continually looking over your shoulder for undercover po pos, but do look for increased sales. You can have almost an immediate response for this as long as you get the word out about your free samples.

We Print Everything But Money, Or Do We?


I always tell potential clients that we print everything but money. We leave that to the government, and in recent times, they just print it whenever they want it.

However, I got to thinking about this statement, and it turns out we actually do print money. Now I’m not talking about counterfeiting, because we certainly don’t do that. We do print funny money. Below are a few examples of some funny money that we can print.

Funny Black printed cheap  Full Color printed funny money  Funny Money Ideas

Now there are a lot of applications with funny money for any business. It’s not just for playing Monopoly or Life. You can use these as coupons towards purchases from your business. You could use these as gift certificates. You could use these as money towards rewards for employees or clients. Some companies put their owner or CEO picture in their funny money or their company logo. These are memorable items to receive because they have value and “value” is one of the most important aspects of any promotion. What’s in it for the client? Well, saving money is what’s in it for them, and I don’t know many people who don’t like to save money.

Gift Certificate

Boring Gift Certificate

So, are you ready to spruce up your boring old gift certificates? You know the ones I’m talking about. Just look to the right and I’ll refresh your memory. Now if your clients had a gift certificate like the one on the right posted on their refrigerator versus a funny money gift certificate like seen above, which one is more fun and stands out the most? I think the funny money option would win out every time. Be fun; be creative, and stick out from the crowd. Your eye will always be attracted to money, even if it’s fake money.

At Perfect Imprints, we can custom design your very own unique money design and transform into a gift certificate, coupon, or reward. Just give us a call at 1-800-773-9472 and we will work for you to get a little more recognition for your business.

Stinky Breath Promotional Giveaways


Promotional ToothbrushHave you ever been talking to a client and wanted to just hand them a toothbrush and some toothpaste because their breath stunk so badly? Well now you can. Promotional toothbrushes are great giveaways not only for dentists and orthodontists, but for other businesses as well. A promotional toothbrush is a great give away product for travel agents and stores selling luggage, bathroom accessories, and for doctors. Many dentists and orthodontists now have a teeth brushing station so after a patient checks in, they go get a disposable toothbrush, brush their teeth, and then wait to be called back for their appointment. What a great idea! Then they avoid the funky breath from some of their patients during the examination.

Not only are there standard toothbrushes available, but there are many options for travel toothbrushes available with your custom imprint too, which are ideal for those involved within the travel industry. Some of the travel toothbrushes are folding while others have their own storage case, and some even come with a case and some toothpaste. After all, a toothbrush alone won’t contain some of that breath; toothpaste is a must! I remember booking a vacation through a travel agent in the past and I received a little travel bag with a toothbrush, mouthwash, dental floss, toothbrush, Q-tips, and a few other travel accessories. It was a nice gift and I certainly remembered that travel agent. $5-$6 is a small gift to gift someone who books a $5000 vacation; however, it is a useful and memorable gift to receive. However, you don’t have to invest that much in your clients. If you want to just do custom printed toothbrushes or dental floss, you can spend as little as $1.00 per client for these giveaways. It’s a cheap promotional give away and one that will stick around for about 3-6 months.

One of the main complaints of dentists is the lack of flossing by their patients. Giving away dental floss with your custom imprint may help promote flossing. It’s true that some patients just don’t like to floss, but how many non-compliant patients can be attributed to just not having floss handy. I’m sure quite a few. Dental floss isn’t typically one of those staple items that you get when you go to Wal-Mart. So go ahead and promote good gum health. Below is a really cool floss design. It’s dental floss in a compact credit card sized container. Or try going with the key chain dental floss which would be great for those with braces. You could help them avoid that uncomfortable situation where that huge chunk of lettuce is stuck in their bracket.

Promotional Dental Floss Credit Card Promotional Key Chain Dental Floss Promotional Dental Floss

For pricing of promotional toothbrushes or promotional dental floss, just give Perfect Imprints a call at 1-800-773-9472.






Select Your New Website Domain Carefully


As of March 5, 2012, there were about 138 million registered domains with about 100,000 new domains registered everyday. Having a domain name for your business is now a vital part of any business plan. Even if you don’t sell online, you need to have a web presence so your potential clients have a way to learn about your business. Be careful, though, what domain name you select. You don’t want to give the wrong image of your company. I’ll give you some funny examples of domain names gone wrong.

Here are some examples:

  1. Kids Exchange translates to – I don’t get a good initial impression on this one.
  2. Who Represents translates to – I’ll steer clear of this website too.
  3. Therapist Finder translates to – No thanks, I don’t need to find a rapist. This site main url was changed to recently. Good move on their part I think.
  4. North Lake Tahoe translates to – Well we’ve got ‘em in the South, so I’m not surprised they have them in the North too.
  5. Winters Express displays as – I’ll be avoiding this site as well.
Now these are real domain names. I’m not making them up. I can not speak negatively about any of these businesses or organizations, but I can say that they probably did not really look a the domain name carefully before selecting it. If you do have a business name that could be misinterpreted like the examples above, it is wise to buy the domain for brand protection, but also buy another domain which will serve as your main domain. The other potentially misinterpreted domain can just forward to your main domain.
When you buy your domain name, look it over carefully. Then get feedback from friends and family. This is a major part of your company or organization image. Websites are critical and absolutely necessary for maximal success.


Man Charged With Battery For Breaking Wind


I wanted to revisit a story from a couple of years because….well, just because it was funny. A West Virginia man was charged with battery for passing gas and fanning it toward a police officer. The officer said the gas was very odorous and created contact of an insulting and provoking nature. My guess would be that if this policy was consistently followed, half of Americans would be in jail. Here is the video of the news clip. I love how the anchor loses her composure during the announcement and never can recover:

Are you looking for promotional products that can help ease these “odorous” gases? How about promotional air fresheners? They are cheap in price and will hopefully prevent any assault or battery charges from public displays of flatulence. These air fresheners can be custom shaped for an optional charge to match your logo or represent your specific industry. They are also printed on both sides in full color so they really stand out. They come individually wrapped in order to lock in the “GOOD” scents and there are 19 different scents to choose from. Here are are available scents: apple, bouquet, cherry, chocolate, citrus, coconut, coffee, green apple, lemon, melon, orange, peach, peppermint, pine, sandalwood, sea breeze, strawberry, vanilla. Sorry but Fart scent is not available.

Promotional Air Fresheners

Promotional Air Fresheners