New Year New Plan


Business Plan Marketing Plan for New Year2013 definitely showed some improvement with spending from businesses and 2014 shows to improve even more. It's no big secret that businesses who consistently market their business perform better than those businesses that don't; however, marketing is often one of the first budgets to be cut when the going gets tough. The key to successfully marketing your business is to make sure you are doing effective marketing. If you are paying for marketing services that aren't brining in a return, then the money used for those services should be used on other services that will bring a return. One type of marketing that is almost always effective is promoting customer loyalty by using promotional items as gifts. The biggest key factor in determining the success of this type of marketing directly relates to the usefulness of the giveaways. Obviously, the more useful the item, the more effective it is.

With the new year, all businesses should…

Think Perfect Imprints


Think Perfect ImprintsIf you need promotional items, think Perfect Imprints! If you need full color printing, think Perfect Imprints. If you need custom apparel, think Perfect Imprints. If you need web design, think Perfect Imprints. If you need amazing graphic design, think Perfect Imprints. As a matter of fact, since we love to think so much, we want to…

Pantone Color of Spring 2014


Each year color trends, which affects the majority of consumer purchases. These color trends include fashion, furniture, automobiles, website colors, and even promotional items. Pantone LLC is a system of color matching that many industry professional in the printing business use to ensure uniform colors from print to print. This company also comes out with the top colors of the year. Below are the top colors for the Spring of 2014 according to many of the leading fashion designers.

Pantone Colors Spring 2014
Photo Courtesy of Pantone LLC

PMS Color Chart


The Pantone Matching System (PMS) is used to ensure the most consistent prints for spot color printing. There are literally thousands of available PMS colors for printing. Color names such as brigh yellow, golden yellow, and sunflower yellow are worthless when it comes to describing a color because they are subjective and lead to the wrong colors being printed. With PMS colors, clients can see the color shade and have a pretty good idea of the outcome on their printed item.

View the PMS Color Chart…
PMS Color Chart

Brand Your Trash


Trash Can Covers | Custom Garbage Bin CoverThere are a few areas of business that suck away your money with no chance of return. These revenue thieves are 100% expense and there is just nothing you can do about it. One of those areas is trash. Unless you are a large corporation that can recycle and recoup some of your trash collection expenses, chances are your trash is costing you money. We have a brand new product that can now make your trash work for you! That's right…brand your trash!

Brochures and Flyers 50% Off in November


Full Color Brochures and Flyers Half Off Sale November 2013It's near the end of the year and it's time for that final big push to increase your sales and boost your numbers for 2013! An easy way to do that is to have full color flyers or brochures printed to push specific holiday products and services. During the month of November, we are offering 50% off our…