Make Your Door Prizes Work For You


Chances are, if you take part in your local Chamber of Commerce, there are door prizes given away at some of their hosted events. These door prizes are donations by Chamber members and in turn, their company gets recognition. Typically there is a minimum value set for most door prizes such as $25 or even $40 or $50.

Perfect Imprints is active within the Fort Walton Beach Chamber of Commerce and door prizes are a big part of many events such as the monthly First Friday Coffee. Often, there are as many as 30-40 door prizes given away. Most of the giveaways are great gifts. Some are gift cards to restaurants or local stores and others are gift baskets. Over the last few years, I have given out quite a few door prizes; however, I always made sure I got a little extra recognition for my prizes. After all, giving away door prizes is a form of marketing and it should be an investment.

Custom BBQ Set

Custom BBQ Set

Now, you can give away prizes that are simply purchased from other businesses such as gift cards, gift baskets, and various gifts and those are great prizes for the winners. However, once the announcement is made at the event mentioning the door prize is from your event, your marketing exposure is over. Besides, in doing that, you are actually marketing that business you purchased the item from more than your own. But what if you could offer premium products that are printed with your custom logo? Then for years to come, at least that recipient will be consistently reminded of your company. For example, last year, every month, I attended a Chamber sponsored event and I gave away a really nice BBQ set (which was custom printed with my business name on it). Every one knew I would be giving that away creating some excitement and all of the winners now have a nice BBQ set with my logo on it.

Now there are tons of options that you can do. You could do leather portfolios or journals, wine glass and opener sets, mp3 players, charcoal BBQ grills, wireless mouse sets, leather wine bottle totes, computer bags, blankets, premium thermos sets, duffel bags, and many other options. Now, I know most of you might only need just a few personalized items to be used as gifts and that’s okay. We can do it. That’s right! If you only need 2, we can do it. We have many options which have no minimums.

By personalizing your door prize giveaways with your company logo, you are spending the same amount of money (or often times less due to bulk discounts) and you are increasing your marketing time for this endeavor. Now the time is extended from a 30 second mention of your company, to years of exposure from your logo proudly standing out on the product. The more useful the item, the longer it will hang around and market for your company. It’s really a no-brainer decision. Spend the same amount of money; get more exposure. Period. Contact Perfect Imprints for your order of custom printed door prizes and start getting more value for your marketing dollars.

BBQ Grill Cooler  Leather Portfolio  Leather Wine Bottle Tote







Holiday Gifting To Your Employees


So we have come to that time of the year when you have to think about Christmas gifts for your employees. How much is enough? What should I get them? These are both questions that makes you ponder. Each answer is dependent on how valuable that person is for your company. I can say this for sure, “Don’t get them a Jelly of the Month Club membership.” Employees always like cash. When sales are where they need to be, I give out Christmas bonuses around the beginning of December. Then my employees can use that to buy Christmas gifts for their families. I’ve never heard a complain yet from my employees receiving cash. Other companies like to give actual gifts. When selecting gifts, make sure and get something useful so it will be used frequently. You might as well brand it as well with your company logo. Don’t forget that you have to market to your employees just like you have to market to potential clients. Your employees are your biggest assets so you have to make sure they are on board and ready to refer clients. Below are a few idea for Christmas Corporate Gifts:

  1. Wine Gift Sets – Let’s face it, we can all benefit from a little drink every now and then.
  2. Custom Coolers – Coolers always come in handy.
  3. Laptop Cases – Cases for laptop computers are great gifts for those traveling or bringing their laptop to and from work.
  4. Flashlights – A good flashlight is always useful. Don’t skimp here; make sure you get a good quality light.
  5. Candy & Nuts – Who doesn’t like a candy or nut gift basket at the end of the year? Diets are blown anyway this time of year.
  6. BBQ Items – Men love a good barbeque set.
  7. Corporate Awards – Reward your top producing employees with a premium award so they can proudly display the award on their desk.
Whatever you do for your employees, make sure they know their importance to you. Happy shopping!

10 Back To School Ideas For Teacher Motivation


With many schools starting back this week and in the upcoming weeks, it is important to get a good start not only with the students, but also with the teachers. Many schools do end of year gifts, but what about beginning of the year gifts to get positive moods going with the teachers and parents. Here 10 ideas for Back to school gifts for teachers to help start off the year right:

  1. Coffee Mugs – I’m not talking about just any coffee mug, but a tumbler with a lid. The porcelain tumblers with the silicone lids keep coffee hot for longer and they protect against spills, especially in the elementary schools where there are a lot of little ones.
  2. Laptop Bags – Many teachers have their own laptop bags, so giving a great laptop case with the school logo on it would be perfect. And for those teachers who don’t have a laptop, no worries, they can use the bag to tote their books.
  3. Polo Shirts – Giving out some nice shirts with the school logo embroidered on them are great gifts. Now this is just 1 day less that the teachers have to decide what they are going to wear. Why not start a school spirit day and declare that Fridays are school spirit day and promote the teachers and students to wear school shirts. This would also be a great way to sell t-shirts to the students with your school info printed on them.
  4. Premium Pens – Now I’m not talking about a cheap pen. The Bic Clic Stic pens will never do for this purpose. I’m talking about a really nice metal heavy pen with the school logo engraved on them. You can get some great pens for $3-$5 each; however the perceived value is much greater. The teachers will be proud to write with this type of pen.
  5. Double Insulated Cup with Straw – These cups are great. Not only will they keep your water ice cold for hours, but since they are covered they help prevent spills and keep the little kid germs out of your drink.
  6. Journals – All teachers are required to attend staff meetings for updates on policies and procedures, so give them custom printed journals to take notes.
  7. Picture Frames – Teachers sometimes have long hours, so a picture frame for photos of their loved ones are a great addition for their desk to help them get through the work day.
  8. USB Flash Drives – These are great to pre-load with school documents and give the teachers a way to easily transport documents they are working on at school and easily transfer to their laptop or home computer since we all know teachers don’t just work during school hours.
  9. Umbrellas – Everyone hates to get up and go to work in the rain and spend the first part of the day wet, so give away umbrellas with the school mascot printed on them. Not only will these keep your teachers dry, but they will also promote school spirit within your school and community.
  10. Chocolate – Who doesn’t like chocolate? Except for maybe diabetics and those allergic to it, but they still probably love it. Nothing says welcome back better than chocolate. Some you can have the school mascot molded into the chocolate while other options allow the wrappers to be custom printed.

Whatever you do for back school, make sure and make it a welcoming experience for the teacher. They will be much more likely to dedicate more of their resources and compassion into their job if they know they are appreciated. Not only will the teachers appreciate it, but so will the students and the parents of the students. The job of teaching is getting harder and harder with state mandated laws on performance, so make sure and give the teachers a little joy and show your appreciation for their efforts, because we know their pay does not reflect for all of the difficulties and stress they face.

Here’s a Dog Who is Just Too Cool


Are you tired of the lame old promotional products?  You do have a choice since there are over one million

Promotional Sunglasses

Promotional Sunglasses

different promotional products available.  Try something different and out of the ordinary.  Sometimes, out of the ordinary means using a product that is extremely ordinary such as sunglasses.  It is rare that you see anyone giving them out as promotional items, much less giving away stylish ones. Promotional sunglasses are great giveaways since they are useful and everyone needs sunglasses, especially if you live in the great state of Florida.  You can see in the picture that my dog knows cool promotional products when she sees them.  If you want to give out some premium gifts to your top clients, give them items they will use and in turn will consistently advertise your business. These would also be great employee motivation gifts for rewarding your top employees. My one word of advice would be, please don’t give away the super cheap sunglasses that you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing. If you wouldn’t wear them, neither will your clients or employees and they will trash them and get that cheap vibe from you. So follow what this cool doggy is doing and get cool.

Corporate Holiday Gifts


Yes, it’s only September, but that means that the Christmas holiday season is only a few months away.  So, think about your your corporate gift giveaways for this year.  Corporate gifts are great for customer retention as well as employee retention.  Any type of personalized gift helps the recipient to have warm feeling towards the giver.  The higher end the gift, the better it will be received and appreciated.  The idea is to get your customers coming back and spending money with you.  There is no better way to promote retention than making them feel appreciated.  Choose corporate gifts that are either relative to your industry or at least ones that are useful for your clients.  The more useful, the more they will use the item giving your corporate logo lots of exposure.  It may be necessary to order two different types of holiday gifts:  One for your top customers (more expensive gift) and the ones for the rest of your customers (less expensive).  Everyone has a budget, so splitting your gift-giving helps with your budget.

The same goes for employees.  Multiple surveys have shown that salary (although important) is NOT the most important factor in terms of employer loyalty.  It is the way the are treated.  Show them you care and they will work hard for you.

Do You Market Your Business to Your Employees?


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Many business get caught up in marketing only to customers or potential customers.  But what about marketing to your own employees?  Did you know your employees can be your single most valuable marketers for your company?  That’s right.  If you keep them happy, they will happily promote your business.  However, if they are not happy, they will have no problem speaking negatively about your business.  So what are some ways to make them happy besides a raise in salary, which is not always feasible?  Why not give them premium corporate gifts for their loyal service with your company name printed on the gifts.  The more employees that you have, the more important this becomes because they can be walking ads who encounter hundreds or thousands of people daily.  Everyone loves free stuff, so give promotional products generously to your employees (just make sure the promotional items are useful and worthy of the service your employees do for you). Don’t underestimate the power of your own employees as a means of advertising.