Gotta Love the Microbrew Beers


Custom Printed Pilsner GlassOften with my job, I find myself traveling frequently for educational seminars and other training sessions to further my marketing expertise. After all of the business is taken care of for the day, I like to visit a bar or pub to try out the local microbrews. As I have aged, I like to try more and more varieties and now consider it a kind of a hobby.

While visiting some of these microbrew establishments, I have noticed some have custom printed beer mugs, while others simply have plain beer mugs or pilsner glasses. Bars and microbreweries have a great opportunity for branding simply by using beer mugs printed with their logo. While those bars using non-branded mugs likely saved a little bit of money up front buying blank mugs, they are missing out on a golden opportunity to further the brand of their bar.

There are many options of beer mugs to choose from, including plastic beer mugs, acrylic beer mugs, and the I Ching of all beer mugs, glass. Glass mugs are a beer drinker’s choice because they can be frozen and help to chill the beer longer. Acrylic and plastic mugs can also be frozen; however, they don’t stay cold quite as long as glass mugs. In addition, there is nothing like holding a frosted beer mug that has a little weight to it. It actually makes the beer taste better to drink from a glass mug.

I have seen many bars and pubs offer the nicer variety of glass beer mugs as souvenirs that can be purchased by their patrons. This is a great opportunity to not only brand your establishment, but also make a little extra profit.

Glass beer mugs can be screen printed, pad printed, etched, or laser engraved. Screen printing and pad printing offers color prints, but aren’t quite as permanent as etching or laser engraving. Etching is a process that actually burns the imprint into the glass using an acid which leaves a frosted look. Laser engraving is the best option for premium mugs and this process is a permanent option that will not fade, wash off, or wear off. Laser engraving is typically a bit more expensive than the other options, but the personalization will outlast the mug itself.

Beer mugs are great promotional items to use in your everyday business if you run a bar, pub, or brewery. It is important to use every opportunity you can to build your brand, and branded mugs are an easy way to do this. So, bottoms up, and see you soon at a local bar serving up your favorite micro brews.

Blown New Year’s Resolution At The Bar

Beer Buckets

Beer Buckets

Well it’s 4 days into January and many Americans have already blown their New Years resolutions. That’s because one of the top 10 New Years resolutions is to quit drinking. The story goes like this. A buddy comes by the house and you crack open a beer before even giving your New Years resolution a second thought. Then you decide to go out and hit a bar and you see an offer too good to pass up – the beer bucket special. Six iced beers all in a plastic beer bucket for $12. You can’t pass that up and besides, you’ve already screwed up your New Years resolution, so what the heck. You get a bucket of beer for both you and your buddy and have a great time.

Beer buckets are great promotions for bars to offer their clientele. These plastic beer buckets can be printed with your custom logo and custom text. These buckets are made from a durable plastic and they are re-usable. They easily hold 5-6 bottled beers. Need a low quantity? No problem, the minimum is only 25 printed beer buckets.

Galvanized Beer BucketIf you are looking for something even more durable, think about Galvanized Beer Buckets. These beer buckets are extremely durable and can be used for years. The metal buckets are classic beer buckets that have been used for years and years. They are especially popular in beach clubs and bars. The galvanized coating helps prevent rusting of the metal bucket. While they are definitely more expensive per bucket, they last much longer than plastic beer buckets. You can get minimums as low as 36 quantity.


So if you own or manage a bar or nightclub, make sure you offer up a great drink special to your patrons. Go ahead and offer both a domestic and an import special in a bucket. The more specials and varieties that you offer, the more you will sell. Start the New Year off right and help your bar to have a strong first quarter.

The Importance of Drinking Plenty Of Water


The healthcare issue in America is a big crisis and is worsening year after year. The rise in healthcare costs in addition to the increase in demand are just two of the problems. I have compiled some facts that can significantly reduce your chances of needing medical care. All of this stems down to drinking plenty of water. Some researchers have said that up to 80% of illnesses and diseases could be prevented with proper hydration. Everyone has heard that you should drink 8-10 8 oz glasses of water per day in order to stay properly hydrated, and more if you are sweating profusely during the day. Every body system depends on an adequate supply of water and all will begin to work below optimum performance, leading to disease and illness if not properly hydrated. Below are some facts about the human body and the importance of drinking plenty of water.

  • The human body is made up of about 70% water, which is why it’s so critical to drink the proper amount of water on a daily basis.
  • It is estimated that up to 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. In my opinion, this is because of excessive drinking of carbonated and caffeinated beverages such as Coke, Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, and coffee. These drinks don’t count towards your 8-10 glasses of water.
  • Your blood is made up of approximately 75-80% water.
  • Dehydration slows down your metabolism, so drinking plenty of water actually helps you to keep weight off and will likely even help you shed some pounds.
  • Proper hydration reduces colon cancer by 45-50%.
  • Proper hydration also reduces the incidence of breast cancer by around 75%.
  • Even mild dehydration can cause fatigue and is considered the most common cause of fatigue during the day.
  • Drinking plenty of water helps dry eyes and reduces the itching sensation.
  • Dehydration causes a thirst reflex which can often be mistaken for hunger pains, so drinking will curb unnecessary eating.
  • Caffeine is actually a diuretic, which causes you to urinate more; therefore, you must intake more water than normal when you drink caffeinated drinks.

With so many Americans dehydrated, it’s no surprise that the healthcare system is as busy as it is. I would challenge each of you to drink the proper amount of water each day for 2 weeks and see if you feel better. You will be making more trips to the restroom, but you will feel less tired and your body will thank you. It will likely even improve your memory. If you own a business great giveaway items are custom water bottles. This will promote healthy living for your clients as well as continue to market for your business for years to come.

My Own Skepticism of Acrylic Tumblers


Re-Usable Cup with StrawI’ll have to admit.  I have been skeptical over the hype of the double wall acrylic tumblers and straw.  The ones I’m talking about are the same ones that Starbucks sells for about $15.00 and similar to the Tervis Tumblers but with a straw and lid.  These are reusable cups with straws.  Now I drink a lot of water daily and have just endured the fact that if I don’t drink my bottle within about 30 minutes, the water will not be cold still.  I have learned to live with that fact.  I have also learned to live with the fact that throughout my whole life, if I put ice in my water, the bottle will sweat and leave a ring on my desk or table (or my coasters).  Well, I couldn’t stand all the talk about these great re-usable cups so I bought  some with my business logo printed on them and gave them out at a Chamber of Commerce function last week.  I also kept out a few for myself and family and my employees.   They couldn’t believe that I was giving out this premium item.  From the event, I was told by dozens of people of how great these cups are, so I went home and used my cup.  I used it over and over throughout the whole weekend.  On Monday July 4th, My family and I went to the local water park and I left the cup with ice and water in it in the car for 6 1/2 hours while we we at the park.  I came back later that afternoon and the water was still cold.  The ice had melted but the water was cold.   Amazing.  Now this is July weather in Florida in a car.  The ambient temperature that day was in the lower 90′s so the in car temperature was probably around 100 degrees and my water was still cold.  In addition, I have been using this cup this week at work and it is not sweating all over my desk.  I love this cup and I now see why everyone I gave the cup to was so excited and ranting and raving about how great these are.   I now see I was wrong and these Double Walled Acrylic Tumblers with Straw are awesome!  Even though Starbucks sells theirs for $15.00, you can buy them with your custom logo printed on the tumblers for less than half that price.

Polycarbonate Bottle Mistake – Live and Learn!


I believe in drinking plenty of water to help ward off illness so I use several polycarbonate water bottles throughout a day at work.  These promotional water bottles are great because they are odor-free, don’t taste like plastic, and they are BPA FREE.  However, I learned something very interesting about these water bottles today.  I finished off a bottle and left it in my car while I was at my office.  You have to know that my office is in Shalimar Florida and the end of July is about the hottest time of the year.  Temperatures in my car register around 109 degrees sometimes according to the in dash thermometer.  When I left my office today, I found my polycarbonate water bottle about half it’s normal size.  It had melted and shriveled up.  So lesson learned…don’t leave your water bottles in a hot car.  Below is the picture of the melted promotional water bottle that I placed beside an exact style for comparison of just how much this bottle shrank from the heat.

Polycarbonate water bottle

Polycarbonate water bottle

Radio Coolers – The Ultimate Party Cooler


Pesonalized radio coolers with MP3 player and iPod hookups are great party coolers for tailgaiting at the big game, for boating, or for weekend getaways.  These radio coolers have built in speakers and amplifiers so you can blast your tunes on the go.  Choose from the 12 Pack Radio Cooler, the Backpack 12 Pack Radio Cooler, the 24 Can Radio Cooler, or the 30 Can Rolling Radio Cooler.  These personalized radio coolers have minimums of only 12, so these will make excellent corporate gifts for Christmas.  These are also great corporate giveways for that company picnic.  A custom cooler is a promotional item that will be kept for years and will make that employee or customer think of you everytime he or she uses the cooler.  Of course, if you want to go with the low-tech, old fashioned coolers without the mp3 player hookup and radio, you can standard Custom Coolers too.  Either way you go, personalized coolers are useful and appreciated by any recipient.
12 Can Radio Cooler Backpack Radio Cooler 24 Can Radio Cooler  30 Can Rolling Radio Cooler